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Is it possible to play the kung fu flute as a musical instrument?

or is its sole purpose as a weapon?|||Yes, it can be played as a musical instrument.|||Um... the %26quot;flute%26quot; is not a musical instrument.

It is a tapered short staff.

It is a weapon.

Is Shaolin Kung Fu an effective form of Self Defense/Combat?

Many people are saying that the only practical styles of Kung Fu are arts like Wing Chun or Sanda and that the forms of Shaolin Kung Fu like the Animal styles are flowery and useless. And I know that there are quite a few people that only practice Shaolin Kung Fu for the health benefits so I am unsure.

Please tell me what you think and why you think that way.|||Shaolin Kung Fu was made for combat/self defense against invaders, and all the arts have a lineage traced to the Shaolin temple, so to say it%26#039;s ineffective is to say your Great grandfather is useless.

That being said, unless you%26#039;re going to China, it depends on the Sifu you train under. America tends to be very watered down and unoriginal when it comes to most martial arts, especially Shaolin. That%26#039;s why people dislike it. But when you see the average Shaolin Monk from China, you see how hard he conditions his mind, body soul? These people train for hours and commit their life to Kung Fu, of course it%26#039;s something effective. These people train to put spears in their throat and then lay on it. Even balls conditioning.

So that%26#039;s the real Shaolin for you. In America, it%26#039;s really different, but it can still be effective depending on the person you train under and how much effort you put into what you do.|||I don%26#039;t know about Sanda, but Wing Chun is about the only good Kung Fu. The rest are just flashy and useless for a real fight.

Drunken fist, monkey style kung fu, or five animal kung fu schools schools in new jersey?

Does anyone know any drunken fist, monkey style kung fu, or five animal kung fu schools in new jesey? If you tell me, I will tell you a place that teaches capoeira in new jersey. :)|||Not sure about drunken style but depending on what kind of kung fu it is they%26#039;ll teach you some of the five animals forms, attacks, etc and some monkey as well. Use yellow pages online, or something. Though now a days it mostly Wu Shu thats tought.|||Why does everyone want to learn Kung Fu anyway? I will admit they are very good styles, but in my opinion Japanese arts seem to be the best to me. Nothing%26#039;s better than Ninjutsu.... sorry. Besides, not many places teach Kung Fu and even fewer teach Ninjutsu.|||Sorry I don%26#039;t know try blockbuster you can buy kungfu movies and learn there styles and training techniques.

What is the difference between karate and kung fu?

I really want to know what the real difference between these 2 and which is the best one to learn?|||Let%26#039;s start with the most obvious difference: karate is Japanese, and kung fu (gong fu, or actually, wu shu) is Chinese.

Kung fu is an older martial art, and focuses on balance and harmony, the yin and yang forces. It isn%26#039;t just %26quot;circular,%26quot; but focuses on moving the body and using your opponents force against them, like tai chi in a way.

Karate is more, well, linear. It has direct moves that come together in %26quot;kata%26quot;s and can be executed.

I personally favor kung fu, because of the many different styles, and the different weapons and techniques. I find Karate to be slightly limiting, as I have taken karate before during a required course for school, but I find it not in any way as free as kung fu.

Kung fu is more %26quot;real%26quot; partially because it doesn%26#039;t have the whole %26quot;belt%26quot; system, and whatnot. It is a measure of your own skill and perseverance, and you don%26#039;t get rewards, nore should you necessarily need to. Karate gives you belts as status markers, but I personally prefer being able to gauge my own status by my own and my master%26#039;s standards.

Hope this helps! :)|||Wow, this is a very complex question.

You should first think about origin. Kung Fu is chinese and Karate is Japanese.

Kung Fu is actually a name that is given to anything that is done with extreme care and dedication. The word has has got stuck to kung fu because of the necessity of training hard to learn it. There are many different styles of Kung Fu, each one (in general) based in the name of an animal. Kung fu uses many movements that require the fighter to go very low on his feet, bowing his head sometimes or bending his body. Kung fu explores circular and soft movements, trying to immitate the animals that have inspired them.

As for karate, there are also many schools, but the differences are not so big as they are in Kung fu. karate tries to save movements avoiding bending to low. Instead, movements are done as easy as possible in order to allow quick and effective attacks and counter attacks.

Karate also has circular movements, but uses many direct strikes and effective block techniques. Finally, karate is more concerned with effectiveness than with beauty.

Renato F.

3 Dan Karate Goju Ryu |||the answer is simple, one is from Okinawa the other is from china.

Karate is from Okinawa, a combination of many different arts with okinawan wrestling called Te (where te of kara-te comes from). karate has many different influences which include arts from India, china, siam as well as others. if you look at any two different families of Karate you can see some similarities. the primary principle of karate is that there is no first attack, that means that karate is a defensive art.

Kung fu is a variety of chinese martial arts which someone in these arts can tell you more about.|||When the Satsuma samurai invaded the Ryryukyu archapelago in 1600 establishing martial law a group of Okinawans eventually made their way to China to study kung fu.

Bringing back their lessons to Okinawa and practicing in the strictest of secrecy, the Okinawans modified the techniques of kung fu and developed %26#039;Okinawa Te%26#039; (Okinawa Hand).

They had to defeat the highly armed and proficient samurai in life %26amp; death fights bare handed or empty handed, and usually without a second chance. So the first strike had to be fatal to the samurai.

The Okinawans adopted a linear method and powerful method of delivering punches, strikes, kicks, and blocks to defeat the armed samurai. Kung fu tends to be a %26#039;soft%26#039; style of striking defense which the Okinawans found unsuitable.

Eventually Okinawan Te was renamed by the Japanese as %26#039;Kara-Te%26#039; (empty hand).

Karate emphasizes straight or linear punches, open hand chops (shuto), powerful kicks, powerful punches, and lots of hand %26amp; foot conditioning to be able to defeat the enemy with a single blow.

By comparison, the Okinawans and Japanese felt that Kung Fu was too dramatic and showy with a lot of unnecessary techniques and excessive blocks and strikes.|||Most of the posters are right and frankly I don%26#039;t know what punk is giving them thumbs down; at the most basic level, Kung Fu uses circular motions, where Karate uses linear %26quot;broken%26quot; rhythm instead of flowing. The purpose of broken rhythm in Karate is to generate power with the weight of the whole entire body, blocking or attacking. The purpose of circular motion in Kung Fu is to generate power through momentum.

Of the two, Kung Fu is superior; if effectiveness is measured in energy efficiency assuming a well focused mind and impecably trained and conditioned body, two equally fit, equally sized, equally intelligent oponents, one uses Karate, the other Kung Fu, the Kung Fu fighter wins because he doesn%26#039;t sweat as much see, his moves won%26#039;t leave him huffing and puffing. You see a Kung Fu match, and they can be scary affairs, fast and furios much more intense than anything in the movies. You see Karate, and someone throws a punch, maybe once every 5 minutes, Karate in many ways is a stiff defensive competition much like bare knuckle boxing used to be. At least the more traditional styles; Kyokshin is not quite that way because its basically brawling but with a gi on.

Of those two go for Kung Fu; in terms of energy efficiency, movement efficiency, and power of movement, Kung Fu is far superior. The only way a Karateka stands a chance against a Kung Fu expert, is if the Karateka in question is a Karate master whose ability to focus is perfect, and when they aim, they NEVER miss. Karate can only defeat Kung Fu if the Karateka has become a master, and can spot openings in the heat of a fight like nothing.

Advanced martial artists often have ultra intense concentration; they won%26#039;t leave areas of their body open. Don%26#039;t be fooled by the way they stand; when two advanced Karateka fight, if they just stand around seemingly doing nothing, what it is in fact is an intense battle of concentration, each fighter looking for lapses in focus in the other, that window of opportunity to strike. See with Kung Fu, while mistakes in fighting are not encouraged, because the circular movements allow for rapid fire barrages, whereas Karate does not, you don%26#039;t need to have a %26quot;transcendent mind%26quot; to be able to defend yourself with it.

When a person reaches an absolute point of focus where no distraction can set in, concentration remains unperturbed and relaxation is constant even if accosted by several assailants, what martial art they practice becomes a moot point. From a purely technical/physics point of view, yes, some styles are better than others, some styles are more effective than others.

Example; you waste less strength doing a Judo sacrifice throw, than you do from executing a double leg takedown. Provided you time the technique right, the sacrifice throw is superior to the double leg takedown, assuming both parties are wearing a gi. Since you are asking because you appear to have a choice, go for Kung Fu, although, make sure they were trained in some large Chinese or Taiwanese organization or something; it is a sad thing but, you know how in Kung Fu movies the hero looks for a school, but in his quest he constantly runs into frauds, charlatans, abusive people, etc, etc, etc?

The sad thing is, that aspect of Kung Fu movies is actually correct; a prospective student may spend years searching for the %26quot;right teacher.%26quot; Good Kung Fu schools were hard to find in China, and only the efforts of the PRC government has organized the various styles. Left to their own devices, Chinese martial arts as Bruce Lee described them would still be a classical mess, a chaotic quagmire of various syntheses of several styles from experts exchanging techniques.

You have a dude who studies Baijiquan, encounter a Tai Chi Chuan expert, Tai Chi expert wins, so, the Baijiquan guy incorporates some Tai Chi into his Baiji forms. Next he encounters a Bagua Zhang expert, and so he incorporates some of those techniques. Because throughout history Chinese Kung Fu experts have traded techniques as if though they were baseball cards, the world of Chinese martial arts, like Bruce Lee famously said, became a chaotic, messy quagmire, a %26quot;classical mess.%26quot;

It is a bit ironic, that even though originally the communists in China wanted to away with Kung Fu, although not the nicest people, the PRC government is possibly Kung Fu%26#039;s best friend.|||In brief, %26quot;karate%26quot; is the hand-to-hand, unarmed fighting method that originated on the island of Okinawa, and spread to mainland Japan.

%26quot;Kung Fu%26quot; is a generic term used for Chinese martial arts. Other terms, like %26quot;Chuan Fa%26quot; or %26quot;Wu Shu%26quot;, may be more appropriate. The expression %26quot;Kung Fu%26quot; literally translates as %26quot;work time%26quot;. It means any skill that you have to work at to get good at. Leonardo Da Vinci%26#039;s kung fu was painting, Henry Kissinger%26#039;s kung fu was diplomacy, etc.

I%26#039;ve tried a few different systems of each. There%26#039;s no right answer for which one is the %26quot;best one to learn%26quot;. Whatever you like doing, is the one you should stick with. I prefer the %26quot;flavor%26quot; of karate, but have learned some useful stuff from traditional Chinese martial arts, as well. See what%26#039;s in your area, try a few classes, and pick the one you enjoy the most.|||I can%26#039;t believe the level of misinformation here in this forum.

The sad part of this already sad phenomena is that most of the wrong answers are chosen as %26quot;best answer%26quot;. Those that are answered by kids who have no real foundation in martial arts - no consistent, extensive training - are usually chosen.

Sometimes I wonder if Y! Answers is more damaging to the martial arts than beneficial.



Kung Fu - is a CHINESE term, not a Japanese term, which means, if your teacher taught you everything you know, NEITHER OF YOU KNOW SH!T!!!|||Kung Fu for one is from Japan, unlike Tae Kwon do which originated in Korea. Kung Fu like other japanese martial arts is very fluid. The movements are fluid and circular, But not like in movies. People don%26#039;t jump ten feet in the air in real Kung fu so don%26#039;t let that mislead you. Also there seems to be a more spiritual side to Kung fu. Not like a religion you have to follow, but like Traditions and things. But all martial arts have Traditions tied into them.

Tae kwon do on the other hand, is from Korea as I mentioned earlier. The techniqes are a bit more rigid but have some flow to them. There are a signifigant ammount of air techniqes involved. Tae kwon do teaches many things including the five tennents: self control, persevernce, integrity, courtesy, and idomitable spirit. There is a wide expanse of moves, from you head to your heel. you can use almost anything.

As for which is better to train in. I would say tae kwon do becaue it%26#039;s like killing two birds wiht one stone. I do tae kwon do, and it%26#039;s made me stronger spiritually and of course physicly. It teaches you many life lessons that I can%26#039;t even begin to explain the impotance of. Also I would say that it is more usefull on a steet situation, meaning if you get attacked it may work better. Because of the style of kung fu, with it%26#039;s set ups being a dead giveaway of the move your about to throw, it is hard to defeat an opponet.

if you are looking for a martial arts to train your mind and body tae kwon do is for you. or if you are looking for a way to defend yourself. Tae kwon do also seems to have a wider range ad variety as well. tae kwon do is famous for competition (sparring...etc.), board breaking, and just the love of the classes it self

But kung fu is great if you want to use flexibility and long movements to the stengths. It all comes down to what exactly your looking to do|||One is not better than the other.... %26quot;Karate%26quot; systems tend to be more hard and linear in motion.... %26quot;Kung Fu%26quot; systems tend to be more fluid in motion, with deeper stances and more elaborate forms....

Both focus on striking and offer little grappling knowledge.... Every Martial Art has its just have to find what is right for you and your training goals.... |||About like different between Tea and Coffee . Both you may drink , both people like , some people like tea , some coffee . Some people enjoy tea some coffee . Is very hard answer your question . I hope you do not looking for shallow answer like Kung Fu is from China a Karate from Japan . Hard to answer . |||Kung Fu uses more circular movements, as to where Karate is more linier in its movements.

Where can I learn Kung Fu in Tokyo?

I want to find a place in tokyo to learn kung fu...can anyone help me out?|||Japanese Martial Arts, Karate, Judo, Jiu Jitsu and other forms are commonly taught in various dojo%26#039;s around the nation. I sent my sons to the local community sports center. Basically, I found the school through the internet. I even found a dojo where the sensei was a former K-1 competitor. You can do searches based on where you live and find schools or dojo%26#039;s nearby. Or you can ask around, I asked my co workers. They were all very eager to help. Or just luck, Walking around you can see Dojo%26#039;s and just walk in and ask.


Most dojo%26#039;s teach martial arts as an ART and not a form of combat training.

Kung Fu is a Chinese martial art.|||ask nigahiga

Trying to find a good place to learn Kung Fu in Hawaii (oahu)?


I%26#039;ve been wanting to learn Kung Fu ever since i was little. I%26#039;m now 21, and have taken aikido, but would like to learn Kung Fu. I%26#039;m having a hard time finding a good place to learn it. I would like to go more towards the wushu type of kung fu rather than the wing chun type. I would love any type of suggestions or help. I would also like to see if there are any affordable private lessons if possible.|||There used to be a bunch down in China town. Just look around in China town between King st. and Beretania. Here are some sites you may wish to look into. Hawaii does tend to have more of the traditional kung fu styles then the mainland.|||Hawaii is the home of Kajukenbo which is very Kung Fu based, it is excellent for self defense. If you want to find a wushu/Kung fu school try to the sections of town that have large populations of Chinese People, soem schools may be hard to find, but if you try hard, you will find the right one|||go to chinatown and look for a sifu,.,right off of King st.

Where do they teach shaolin kung fu in chennai?specially in and around adyar?

i want to join kung fu for a long time.I tried searching throughout net but could not find one.Any body who knows the address of such school or academy please reply me or mail me.|||Karate Posted on : 25-Aug-2006

Category: Fitness %26amp; Sports Sub Category: Fitness / Sports Centers Location: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Contact Person: c.hanumantha rao Contact Number: 040-23733127/9440052506

Contact for karate and self difence classes, special training for ladies. international organisation, All India Budokan Karate Federtion,more than 600 instructors ready for y More %26gt;%26gt;


Thanks for your time, and Good Luck. Email me, I have many more sites you might find useful. Thanks.|||You%26#039;d think in India there would be such resources. Search All type of Kung Fu and martial Arts in india and your area. I%26#039;m sure you will find a Kwoon to join.

Peace, and Much Respect,


What Kung fu movie is it, that has a poorly audio dubbed cat meow before a fight scene?

I think it%26#039;s Bruce Lee, but im not too sure.|||It was Bruce Lee right before he fought Chuck Norris. Return of the Dragon :)|||Enter the Dragon or The Street Fighter.

Why are there so many styles of kung fu?

and what makes them all kung fu?|||1) Because the ancient land was called Ch%26#039;n, now China. It encompassed all of Asia, including Korea, japan china etc..... now that%26#039;s alot of warrior sects. And many of these sects had various ways of ancient combat. Today we see alot of styles, and if any of these styleswere in the same demographic area now called China, it would have been called Kung Fu, regardless how the style fought- be it Kick Punch- grappling , etc. That%26#039;s why some KF%26#039;s are very effective and some not. Shuai is effective wrestling from China, and the term Kung Fu applies here in America as much as it does when we call San Da Kung Fu or Wu Shu or Shaolin. A cool note is that most Southern Chinese styles are more upper body orienated due to the cold weather and heavy clothing, that is hand boxing. And Nothern due to warmer climate has more kicking to it.

2) Kung Fu simply means good work, and when a person in the old days could perform well in this manner, everyone considered it good work. Like a Knight in armor is respected.|||Well for your first part of your question is simple, for the same reason there are so many automobile manufactures ...choices ... and for the other question, circular hand movements and kicks plus the broad use of weapons.|||There are so many styles because China is huge, vastly populated and separated by mountains and such. Each little pocket of civilization developed their own means of self-defense.

Kung fu is Chinese for martial art.|||kung fu is used as a general term for chinese martial arts. that alone should answer your question. all forms of chinese martial arts are usually referred to kung fu.

many(not all) kung fus are based off of acting like things such as animals; crane, mantis, tiger, monkey, etc... also people such as drunken boxing, you can see how the styles can add up quickly. also martial arts tend to vary by region too and china is a HUGE country.|||Because Kung fu is a term, that describes Chinese martial arts.

There are many styles and martial arts in China, and they use %26quot;kung fu%26quot; to refer to all of them.

It%26#039;s similar to using %26quot;kickboxing%26quot; to all martial arts that include kick and punch strikes in their curriculum, or %26quot;boxing%26quot; to any striking art with your fists.|||Kung Fu isn%26#039;t just one art, but a group of many that were taught in the Shaolin(Little Pine Tree Forest) Temples of China. The different %26quot;styles%26quot; are simply different ways of looking at the same thing. In every sub-style of Kung Fu, the martial artist learns the same art, but in different ways. Some styles are names after animals. Tiger, for power and ferocity, Crane for balance and grace, Praying Mantis for speed and patience, Dragon for spinning and skill as well as riding the wind, Bear for the way it uses size and weight against opponant, Snake for Chi and felxibility, Leopard for timing and footwork, Eagle for swooping and determination, a list that can go on seemingly forever. Kung Fu all originates from one simple, fighting art style, but has devided just as human devide ourselves for the reason that we are foolish creatures.|||Because many families in China developed their own styles and forms.|||So much cultural diversity exists in China and neighboring countries. All developed hand to hand combat techniques to suit their situations. The overlying factor for so many hand to hand arts was the lack of ability to use weapons in self defense. In some cases this was by their political rulers and in other cases by religious conviction.

Where can you see a real kung fu fight?

i%26#039;m just wondering like many other people how effective kung fu is.|||look up San Soo, it has folks fighting in all areas of MMA and is not designed for it. They just focused on what works in that arena from the style. San Soo is very complete and better yet, will teach you a lifestyle not just a fighting.

It takes a lifetime to touch on what is possible thru San Soo. The techniques only show the way to workout and fight, what the constant practice of them and the forms develops is a well rounded, balanced person. And as proven most all the Masters of San Soo are not only Good people, but great teachers.

What is the difference between kung fu, karate and taekwondo?

I know they%26#039;re all martial arts, but what makes them different? What is the strongest?|||There is not strongest martial art. All arts are as good or as bad as the individual using them. Here are some basics about the arts you mention:

Kung-fu is from China. There are estimated to be between 300 and 400 different styles. They cane be very different from each other, yet similar too.

Karate was developed in Okinawa. It is based on indigenous Okinawan fighting methods but was influenced by Chinese arts in some cases. There are multiple styles of karate. The Okinawans introduced Karate to Japan in the early 1900%26#039;s. Be fore that time the Japanese did not have Karate. They did have other martial arts.

Taekwondo is Korean there are at least 75 different styles recognized in Korea as being legitimate. It was created by General Choi. Choi created it out of indigenous Korean martial arts that had existed in Korea for hundreds of years. Choi had studied Shotokan Karate (Japanese). Choi used the format for Shotokan as a model in designing the way Taekwondo would be practiced. He also adopted the use of color belts as the Japanese karate styles were doing. He did not include karate in Taekwondo. Taekwondo is purely Korean in its technique. Some people incorrectly call Taekwondo Karate. They claim that it came form karate, however, that is not true.


EDIT: Saranathan Some of your comments are a bit off. Although what you say is essentially correct, you seem to have a view of kung -fu that is not quite accurate. It is easy to do since there are so many styles. However you make a generalization that is not founded. Kung-fu varies in its emphasis on what is practiced and what the percentage of hands vs. feet.



Eat F you obviously don%26#039;t have a strong background in any of the martial arts you put down here. If you did you would not make such strong opinionated statements about them. You seem to think you have the experience to be able to pass judgment on them. Your comment about them being outdated shows your ignorance. fights happen the same way today as they did hundreds of years ago. We still have only two arms and two legs. Fights generally happen when someone punches, kicks, or grabs. The same techniques work today. If you want to talk about guns, then the whole game changes. In that case your modern arts fare no better than older arts. The guy asking the question asked for objective, factual information, not your opinion.|||The main difference is their place of origin. Most Martial Arts came from the Chinese arts. They were then transported to Japan, Okinawa, and Korea. Each of the arts developed very much like their culture. The Japanese arts were very strict and rigid. Using maximum effort for maximum results. They worked equal punching and equal kicking. Their fighting style was very linear, strong and straight forward. The Korean styles were predominately kicking styles. They work about 80% kicking and about 20% punching and are very sport oriented. Most Chinese styles work equal punching and equal kicking. You鈥檒l work high kicking as well as low kicking into the legs. You鈥檒l work outside fighting, as well as inside fighting, using elbows and knees. Joint locking, throws, ground fighting, and a full array of weaponry. You鈥檒l do straight line fighting as well as using a lot of side stepping, and evasion. So you learn how to use their power against them. The Chinese styles were usually very complete arts.|||They come from different countries, times and origins. They are taught differently and have different philosophies and applications.

No art is stronger or better than another art. It is all about how hard a person trains.|||the only one so far with a great answer is pugpaws2,

there is no perfect system. every one has its, pro%26#039;s and con%26#039;s. it all depends on how good your instructor is and how hard you train.

Pugpaws2 has a good break down of them, there is little to add.|||Kung Fu - lots of circular movement, wasted motions, wierd positions mimicking animals that hurt your ability to fight. Looks pretty.

Karate - tons of different styles, so hard to say. Much more linear moves. Direct strikes. Kata.

Tae Kwon Do - was developed from Taekyun for soldiers. It was assumed the soldiers would be holding a weapon, so it focuses almost exclusively on kicks.

In the end, all these styles are out dated and almost useless for self defense. So just do whetever one you think would be most fun to you. For real self defense, look into:

Krav Maga - defense against weapons if you%26#039;re worried about thugs

Muay Thai/BJJ - unarmed self defense

Owning a HK USP Compact 40 cal with hollow points - real self defense

Is there anywhere to do shaolin kung fu in wallington in the uk?

i want to do any type of shaolin kung fu|||Hello sir.

You can find a school by typing it in google.

That%26#039;s all I could really find you. I hope that answers your question.


Benefits of a 5 animal style kung fu class?

Just asking, I%26#039;m going to join a 5 animal style Kung Fu class soon..

Are there fitness benefits, etc?|||Well yes there are benefits to learning the five animal style, but I don%26#039;t know which philosophy your learning from. There are many variations of the five animals style. Many use different animals, and nearly all have different philosophies. I can only tell you the basic benefits you%26#039;ll see in any style of martial arts and the benefits I recieve from my system.

Each animal form is not a style all unto its self, its a lesson or a system to build the style. So with each animal different lessons are taught and different manners of movements are used, all building a style or a philosophy of thought.

Other benefits will be basic, getting into shape, understanding body mechanics, more accurate actions and movments, understanding environments around us, ect.|||well being a five animal practioner i can say safely say you will get fit enjoy the horse stance training :)|||Yes. Each animal in itself is a style. So by doing 5, you are learning many styles, or methods of fighting. Like what points to hit, grappling, how to go from block to counter, opening, and types of attacks. It will give you a multitude of fitness benefits as well. Such as strength with tiger, balance with crane, and finger strength with snake. But the down side is that a %26quot;Jack of all trades%26quot; normaly loses to a specualised person.

Where can I get a giant Kung Fu Panda plush soft toy teddy?

I%26#039;ve started collecting Kung Fu Panda (Po) Teddies, I have 4 right now all different sizes, does anyone know where I can get a plus this size?

Also is there an official store online to get official Kung Fu Panda merch?

Thanks!|||OMG!!!! I think i saw it at Toy%26#039;s R Us

Hope I Helped. :]|||at gattie town just pay 2.00

What's a good, old, comedy/kung fu movie?

I like those movies like kung fu hustle and shaolin soccer, but i also like old kung fu movies , with the really bad dubbing. what do you recommend?|||There was a movie back in the early 80%26#039;s called, %26quot;they call me bruce.%26quot; I think there was something recently that came out with the same title but that%26#039;s not it. Total 80%26#039;s cheesey kung fu comedy. Any Early Jackie Chan stuff.|||kung pao

it%26#039;s a good movie cuz it%26#039;s just really funny.|||Kung Fu Hustle. it%26#039;s 2004, and it%26#039;s really silly, and good for some reason. oh and since you want old, try jackie chan he has a lot of 1970%26#039;s to now. i really liked A new police movie playing jackie chan. and jet li is good, my dad watches some old 70%26#039;s japanese kung fu things, but i%26#039;m not into them, but that%26#039;s all i got.

Is there a Kung Fu dojo in or around Springfield IL?

If so, what kind of Kung Fu?||| is located in Chicago IL and is Wushu Kung Fu is similar, also in Chicago Wing Tsun style, and they have a dojo in Bloomington, which is a bit closer to Springfield.

They%26#039;re all pretty far away, try scouting out your local area- ask around. There could well be a dojo nearby that isn%26#039;t as well publicised as the others.|||I%26#039;ve been looking for the same here in Springfield, as I%26#039;ve practiced Kung Fu and Tai Chi before in Detroit. Most everything I%26#039;ve found is TKD or Karate. There is a school down on Stephenson that does Kempo, which has I%26#039;ve been told is much like Kung Fu. Also, there%26#039;s a new school on MacArthur. Report Abuse
|||I think there%26#039;s a few in the Chicago area, you%26#039;ll have to look in a Chicago phone book.

What is your impression of kung fu?

What do you think of Kung Fu as a martial art. Note... hundreds of kung fu styles... more specifically... Northern Shaolin... and the style the monks used to train in as their basics. If you have no direct experience? what do you think? if you have had contact? what do you think? if you study other martial arts and trained or havnt trained in KF ... what do you think of it?|||I%26#039;ve got 32 years experience in a southern Chinese style of kung fu - (a five family system of Tsoi-Li-Ho-Fut-Hung ga) and hold a Master%26#039;s rank. This is a fighting style, not show or artsy style of kung fu.

As you said, there are hundreds of Chinese styles and some are mere showiness, with little, if any, actual fighting prowess. However, there are also many which are devastating fighting arts. They are brutal, direct, and deadly. It depends on the style as well as the teacher and the student. The best fighting art in the world is useless if the teacher can%26#039;t teach it or the student refuses to do what is necessary to make the art effective - i.e, train, work correctly, and not namby-pamby about as if the name of the art itself was like some magical talisman which protects against all comers.

I have seen some outstanding Northern Shaolin style fighters! and I do NOT use the term fighter loosely. These people were world class fighters by anyone%26#039;s definition, anywhere. I%26#039;ve also seen some who were so caught up in useless idiocies that all an actual fighter could do was to laugh at their sheer lunacy.

The sad thing is that many schools, not only Chinese, but Japanese, Korean, Thai, etc., in the country have degenerated into sort of McDojo%26#039;s - run to get as many people thru as quickly as possible with as little skill as could possibly be imparted.

There are also some absolutely top FIGHTING schools in almost all of the arts (I%26#039;m not one who believes all styles are equally worthwhile - some are simply for show or sport ) but I am one who firmly believes that if someone in a good fighting style doesn%26#039;t train well, doesn%26#039;t take it seriously, doesn%26#039;t fight full out when it%26#039;s necessary - then that someone will be creamed by someone who%26#039;s trained in an inferior art, but who took it very seriously.

So to try to answer you question a bit more directly - I think kung fu (again remembering that we%26#039;re talking about hundreds of styles when we use this term) can be one of the most effective fighting arts on the planet. It can also be one of the biggest jokes, depending on which art and which student we%26#039;re discussing.

If you are looking at any particular art for yourself, the best thing to do is to visit the school Don%26#039;t make your decision based on one day. Visit a few times. See how the people interact with the instructor and with each other. If they don%26#039;t even seem like they like each other or are obnoxiously cocky - run, don%26#039;t walk, to the exit. Are you required to sign a contract or do they go month to month and want you there because you want to learn? (Both have their advocates, I%26#039;m a definite no-contract kind of guy). Do they charge you to test? Or is the testing part of what they do because they are supposed to help you learn? All of these are things you should find out and evaluate for yourself.

If you want a fighting art for self defense, find out how much time is actually put into that. How much into form work. How much into weapons skill. If you are looking for competition, then find a school which specializes in that - not necessarily stuff that%26#039;s actually effective on the street - but stuff that wows the judge and the audience. So, basically, find what you want and go with it.|||i like it very makes us helps in self protection and all...but unfortunately i dont have a kung fu teacher in my place..however i practice from what i see in movies...y do u have some ways to help me!!?

Is Muay Thai and Kung Fu a good combo?

I like to fight and i know both muay thai and kung fu, but are they a good combo? Should i learn some other style?|||If you have ever tried to learn spanish and french at the same time, that would give you a good idea of what it would be like to start both muay thai and kung fu at once. At both classes you would be mixing up body movements and it would be harder to train your muscle memory. My advice is to try out a week at both and pick the one you like best from there.|||Agree with Frank the Tank.

I think depend on what you mean %26quot;Fight%26quot;. In a ring or on the street. Kung fu is some thing you can do at 80 but not Muay Thai. |||If I were you I would just do the San Shou. I believe thats the total package so to speak. It combines the chinese kick boxing, throws..I would just stick to that one discipline..|||Go with Muay Thai or Kick Boxing , they fight frequently . Practice Kung Fu you will not fight at all for long time .|||Unless it%26#039;s sanshou kung fu, no, they are too different.

Whats the matter with kung fu?

Okay why do people say kung fu is only a skill and not very good?. I mean i do kung fu and i think it can easily beat other styles if you are good at it.|||Kung fu is a very good skill, those who say otherwise probably haven%26#039;t looked at it much. There is no single answer when it comes to combat. If you were a great natural fighter then Kung Fu would help you be better. Some schools push too much theoretical and not enough practical. Part of this is because kung fu tends to center on techniques that are very deadly. Hard to find people willing to let another student eye jab them with full power.

My study of kung fu has been very mixed with other styles though. I%26#039;ve seen some of the most talented martial artists in the world and that statement saying they would mop up the floor with the UFC types is laughable. First of all the most knowledgable person doesn%26#039;t always win. Then realize most UFC types study a decent mixture of styles. Someone who is average skill at hitting, kicking, grappling, elbowing and knees is going to wipe the floor with a great skilled person at any one of those.

The main thing is to stop letting your choice of study be a matter of ego. Seems 90% of the world believes that there is one secret style to overcome all others. This is simply not true. MA is a personal choice and most are going to follow what makes sense to them. If you are busy trying to prove one thing is the best you are missing a lot and will therefore always be mediocre. This is because you aren%26#039;t being objective. All MA styles have both good and bad techniques.

Basically it boils down to how you include/exclude techniques. You should try anything that seems good but don%26#039;t be afraid to say that something is bad just because it is in a style you like. Once you learn a bit of MA you will probably be able to decide pretty quickly if a new technique is good or bad. You don%26#039;t want to get in the habit of dismissing things too quickly but you should be able to say if it seems as good as what you already know. Really good artists tend to learn something pretty well before they exclude it...but then they really exclude it. It isn%26#039;t always that a technique is flawed, sometimes it is there to fit someone besides you. Don%26#039;t be afraid to test new things and exclude them if you don%26#039;t like them. To me it seems better to try a bad technique and prove it doesn%26#039;t work for you than to exclude a good technique because you think it has no merit without attempting it.

Once you realize they all have good and bad, the enlightened person is going to look at how to improve the bad. If kung fu is too %26#039;soft%26#039; then maybe you should do work to practice making it harder. The yin %26amp; yang concept is a good guideline when evaluating styles. If something is pure soft then it lacks power and the reverse is also bad. Look for a balance between soft and hard, hitting and kicking, standing and grappling, long and short range, offensive and defensive, theory and application. If you constantly strive for balance rather than leaning to the extreme you will be ahead of most of the competition.|||nothing who said it was?|||It%26#039;s not the style that grants you prowess, it%26#039;s the overall comprehension of it that makes one affective against all other styles.|||If the martial art fits you and you enjoy it then theres nothing wrong with it. I personally don%26#039;t care for it, but thats only my opinion. Kung-Fu doesn%26#039;t fit me. I will agree that it%26#039;s a very beautiful art, and quite complex.

Don%26#039;t worry about what others say, everyone thinks their own art is the best.|||it sucks cause u throw a kung fu kick u leave a huge opening kung fu is all attack no denfence srry man but i could kick your a**


Clearly you know nothing about Kung Fu. As stated before, people who know Kung Fu have a great power in them, and are are careful about how they use it and make sure not to flaunt it about. Go to the Shaolin Temple in China and try to beat one of them. Good Luck with that.

If some little punk on the street knows you know Kung Fu, he%26#039;s automatically going to attack you, as if he has something to prove. %26quot;You may know martial arts, but I know how to get crazy.%26quot;

Yea. Typical for some wannabe to think he%26#039;s tough %26quot;%26#039;Cause I%26#039;m from the streets.%26quot; That%26#039;s why they would rather buy a weapon than develop one. (I forget who said that last part, but it wasn%26#039;t me who thought of it. Don%26#039;t sue!)

The whole idea behind Kung Fu is defense. They don%26#039;t teach these things to any idiot who can use it to mug and rob people. However, it is a valid argument to say that the best self defense is a pre-emptive attack, but only when threatened.|||What?|||My experience with kung fu is that it is a beautiful martial art with a lot of moves were you say %26quot;WTF is that supposed to be?%26quot;. When I was first just watching my son doing Shaolin Dragon, I wasn%26#039;t so convinced that it would do any damage because no one was putting a lot of force into the strikes like karate or hung gar kung fu (an external style as opposed to dragon which is a mix of internal and external). But when Sifu explained what the moves were for, I thought it was NASTY!!! These were not moves were you go to use on your playmates nor do you use them in tournaments (you%26#039;d be kicked out for using dangerous and unsportsmanlike moves). I started taking lessons and the deeper the understanding of the art, the more I respect the system and hope that I%26#039;d never have to use it. We don%26#039;t concentrate on delivering the most powerful blows so we can overpower the opponent. We learn how to defend and be able to incapacitate or knock down a bigger opponent in brutal fashion in a few moves even though it doesn%26#039;t look like we used much force. We learn how to counter different types of opponents whether they are distance fighters (TKD), grapplers, etc. while adopting our individual strengths for use to best effect. Women find the system very effective because brute strength is not needed to be effective. A Shaolin nun happens to be one of the originators of the system. BTW, all these are just beginner level techniques. Once one learns the internal parts, forget about it. That%26#039;s why you don%26#039;t see testosterone-filled idiots trying to flaunt their %26quot;skills%26quot; because KF is no joke.

Kung fu also has chin na grappling, ground fighting techniques, pressure point techniques, dim mak, weapons (!), wrestling, throws, medicine. I bet many so-called martial arts can%26#039;t make a similar claim.

Continue on with your kung fu and good luck.|||Tell anyone who says that to start a fight with Jackie Chan, he does kung fu - theres probably only a select few people in the world who could beat him!

All martial arts are a %26#039;skill%26#039;. i.e. you have to develop yourself in order to learn them.

You%26#039;ll probably find that the problem people have with Kung Fu is that it%26#039;s Chinese, whereas most other forms of fighting arts are Japanese, Thai e.t.c. The Chinese and Japanese don%26#039;t respect each others arts (or people) very much. Try using a Chinese greeting to a Japanese person, you%26#039;ll see what I mean!|||it sucks cause u throw a kung fu kick u leave a huge opening kung fu is all attack no denfence srry man but i could kick your a**|||It all in the training mate.

Kung fu training doesnt include sparring.

And if it does... it doesnt include sparring with other styles of fighting.

Thats the key....test continuously against other styles and other fighters.

by the way...styles dont beat styles. Fighters beat fighters.

also by the way... Jackie Chan is an actor with a big ego who would get his *** kicked by any decent MMA fighter|||Dont know all that, but I do know that %26quot;everybody was kung fu fightin%26#039;%26quot; and that those cats were as fast as lightnin%26#039;|||It is the man that makes the art, not vice versa.|||well skills can only get you so far... sometime

unfortunatly there are some people who are monsterously strong and fighting those people with skills won%26#039;t help you much|||The people who say that haven%26#039;t met a real kung fu expert. I have met several, and each one would mop the whole ultimate fighting bunch around a cage single-handed.

The difference is two things. First, a lot of people say they teach kung fu, but they don%26#039;t really know it. These people give kung fu a bad name.

Second, the very best kung fu practitioners don%26#039;t like to show off by entering big fights. It%26#039;s a side-effect of the kung fu training. It mellows you out and makes you realize that ego and reputation don%26#039;t matter. None of the masters I know would bother entering a ring, but they are very capable at defending themselves. Their abilities are terrifying, and it%26#039;s a good thing that such power comes with a mellowing of personality.|||Kung fu isnt not just martial art. it%26#039;s a way of life i guess. people who do kung fu are usually good people they dont like to harm people.

i guess it%26#039;s a western world. people are force to thinking that wrestling or boxing or any rough fighting style are the most effective way to defend ourselves.

well, they%26#039;re wrong. i see kung fu as the non-violent martial art. it can be deadly as well as other fighting style.

The reason why people think kung fu isnt cool is because they dont know it anything about it at all. not many shows performing kung fu. like as we all know, wrestling and boxing are very popular. but why isnt kung fu? because it%26#039;s not intended for show. it%26#039;s expensive, beautiful, artistic, and historical. people dont allow kungfu to be brought up to audiences for bad purposes or show business. kung fu is way too good for that.|||nothing.. actually its a self depends and can help you. take care!!


Traditional Kung Fu classes in the big city?

I mean, the traditional style, not the too bloated or too simplistic crap they do everywhere nowadays (which is ineffective IMO, I don%26#039;t like them, tried a couple of them).

Can you still get to learn that in big cities like NY, LA, or Australian big cities like Melbourne or Adelaide?

I tried some few styles you can get in any city, but their all scrap. Has anyone got to learn traditional Kung Fu in big cities of the world?

Thanks!|||You鈥檒l have to do allot of research. Many schools have tried to teach more traditional styles only to bore their classes in to extinction. So now the dress it up or slim it down. Look, many of the schools you%26#039;ve have gone to (I bet) teach the every things you are looking for! The only thing is they aren鈥檛 going to come right out and say this is this and that is that. all martial arts is very sacred to those who live in it, and they aren鈥檛 going to share it with anyone who has a couple of bucks to throw their way, you have to build the reputation with the instructor and earn each others trust for them to share what it is you are looking for.|||try jeet kune do. is very young style but good one.|||My Si Gung has been studying kung fu for %26gt;35 years. He is currently training under Master Yip Wing Hong of Chinatown, NYC. He studies traditional Shaolin Dragon.|||Look up Guy Savelli in Ohio.

Why isnt my xbox 360 saving game progress? my son has beeen playing lego indiana jones and kung fu panda?

ok this might be a dumb question but it the 360 isnt saving my sons progress on kung fu panda and lego indiana jones. even when the screen says saving after a level.|||Does the xbox have a HDD or a memory stick?|||is your hard drive (HDD) on the side of your xbox?

Whats a website that you can download Asian Kung Fu Generation music other than Limewire?

I want to know a website to download Asian Kung Fu Generation songs to my Ipod|||MusicKP is great, I found in this Site a Huge variety of music. I%26#039;m very satisfied with MusicKP Downloads Membership. The facility to search and download songs are made search easy. The quality and Interface being so user friendly are excellent.


The best place to download music. YOU CAN ALSO GET IT FREE..! VISIT THE WEBSITE FOR DETAILS.|||Go to|||you can use Video Download Studio download video for you

just enter Kung Fu Generation music (key word) it will show you list of relate to you

Why was Kung fu not shown in the Olympics opening cermony

I was under the impression that kungfu orginated in China and they might show a display of it in the olympic Opening ceremony but there was nothing ..I know Tai Chi was shown and its considered to a form of Kung Fu but is it that famous or is there some history I am missing here..|||China%26#039;s govt has requested that Kung Fu (really WuShu) be an olympic event. When Korea hosted the Olympics Tae Kwon Do was made into an Olympic event - When Japan hosted, Judo was made into an Olympic event.

China did not include WuShu in the Opening Ceremonies because there are so many styles (weapon, non weapon, etc.) that they could not adequately represent the art, but they ARE trying to get some form of WuShu made into an Olympic event.

FYI - part of the arguement is that many of the other martial arts (Judo, Karate, TKD, etc.) acknowledge that they were derived from WuShu, or that Chinese boxing heavily influenced them. China says Wu Shu should be included just like the track and field events - it is one of the mothers where other martial arts came from.|||Kung fu has religious (Buddhist) implications.

Religion has been outlawed under the Communist regime.

Only Wu Shu is permitted by the state these days.|||You could find the idea for Olympics opening cermony by zhangyimou in this website(|||They could show it in the closing ceremonies.

What are the differences between Shaolin, Wutan and Wing Chun, Kung Fu Styles?

I%26#039;m thinking that Wutan is a mix of Kung fu, and that Shaolin seems to be the best form of martial arts, while Wing Chun is slightly more rare and a good fighting style, although Wing Chun is also incorporated into Wutan, just wondering what the main differences are, and what grading the styles give in terms of sash or belts.|||The differences are in the emphasis of certain movements and in lineage and history. (Course this is how any method differs from another.)

Shaolin is typically thought of to involve the Five Animal system. As I%26#039;ve researched it those are Tiger, Leopard, Crane, Snake, and Dragon. Each of these offers the practitioner a particular set of movements and strategies for dealing with an opponent.

Wutan, according to a quick search, is the expression of Gung Fu methods of Preying Mantis, Tai Chi Chuan, and Baguazhang as this school developed in Taiwan. As such, there could have been influences of the indigenous fighting methods as well as shared knowledge of the Chinese community of that area upon the root arts.

Wing Chun is a large encompassing method of various %26quot;family%26quot; or schools. Most notably is the Yip Man (or Ip Man) tradition from which Bruce Lee came. Legend tells this was a method developed by two women, a Shaolin nun and a young woman for whom the art was named. It was designed to allow smaller practitioner to fight more efficiently and deal with stronger opponents.

Belt or sash ranking is a more contemporary practice adopted by many methods after some of the Japanese arts began using it. However, each school and has a different structure, criteria, and color choice. Some of the above methods do not even use a belt ranking.

Hope that answers your questions.|||%26quot;Best form of martial arts%26quot; is a pretty sweeping statement, best for what exactly? Shoalin kung fu is probably very good if you a willing to train like a shoalin fighting monk and put in the time and effort they do, otherwise you%26#039;ll probably always come off worst against a system thats more efficient. Wing chun tends to be more practical and less flashy than a lot of kung fu styles - but a lot of its effectiveness comes from how you train. Out of the options you mention I would suggesst wing chun is the best for self defence if you train hard and smart with it.|||i never herd of wutan i am a wing chun student though i know wing chun is shorter its forms are not as long and its fighting is simple compared to shaolin stuff which takes decades and decades to actually understand and use. as for belts wing chun does not rank at all you develope and always develope even after you learn all the forms and exercises you never stop developing and there is no limit to the level of mastering the system|||shaolin and wutan aren%26#039;t the best, but i%26#039;m not saying they%26#039;re terrible either. it%26#039;s just that they%26#039;re too traditional, too many useless fancy movements, wasting energy like animal stuff (monkey, mantis)

shaolin monks came to melbourne, australia for 2 seminars at william cheung%26#039;s wing chun academy. we held 3 free fights and their head instructor sucked. sure he had a beard, he was ripped, but his techniques were too traditional. most of the monks were about hard power, no flexibility, they couldn%26#039;t redirect force. the only thing they had was they were well conditioned. the guy i faced still used karate punches for god sakes! i used a circle step lat sao, he turned his head and got nailed in the temple. when we watched the other 2 fights i was pretty disappointed with shaolin: the birthplace of martial arts, (and even wing chun)

i don%26#039;t know about grading systems, but you should know martial artists shouldn%26#039;t care. b/c we understand fighting is not linear. we don%26#039;t say, a level 9 can beat a level 2. martial arts is more like a big game of rock/paper/scissors

i%26#039;ve traveled china quite a bit and if i remember correctly:

wutan was created by taoists on Mount Wutan. it%26#039;s HUGE. it took me half a day to run up all the stairs to the top of the mountain and there%26#039;s this monastery there. then the next day to get back down. wutan it%26#039;s just a bunch of wushu. too broad to summarize really. many taoists specialize in their own forms

shaolin has their own trademarks, and is a great place to get conditioned. they could do 1 finger push ups (for bill jee) we grabbed a wing chun pole and cracked a tiny monk in the ribs a few times and he was fine. so their conditioning was amazing. but even then you can%26#039;t condition pressure points like the temple right?

i%26#039;ve never seen wing chun incorporated in wutan, but Wing Chun isn%26#039;t rare. it%26#039;s the most popular martial art in germany and australia. tai chi is the most popular in china. trust me, travel the world and you%26#039;ll see both everywhere. anyway, wc was the last art developed by a shaolin elder. a nun who had access to all the other martial arts

In Kung Fu Panda how can I break through the gate to Wudang Mountains?

In my game kung fu panda nds i some how can%26#039;t break the gate to wudang mountains!! Ugh im so frustrated!!

PLEASE HELP!!!|||You need to kick the hidden button, by the third tree.

What is a good cartoon/anime series that had lots kung fu stuff?

im looking for a kind like Naruto, except it doesnt have ninjas, but more kung fuey and action,

any suggestions?|||Well, I haven;t seen anything that is strictly martial arts|||I second Avatar! It has a lot of kung fu in it, and plus it has a richly woven story, characters you can identify with, and beautiful anime-esque animation.

Daflea54|||History%26#039;s Strongest Disciple Kenichi

This show is all about a normal High School student entering an insanely powerful dojo where the masters are anything but normal.

The student, Kenichi, learns how to fight using Muay Thai, Judu, Karate and Chinese Kempo.

Here%26#039;s a little tribute to it:|||here you go buddy :P


street fighter

Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of The Furious Five

Xiaolin Showdown [English]

Legend of the Condor Hero

Avenger dub

Bamboo Blade

and they can all be found here :P|||There is a show called AVATAR.

its a cartoon with lots of kung fu action,.

except its mixed with elemental wind, fire, water, etc

my brother watches it a lot, its very fun!

watch them free at|||Avatar(made by nickelodeon but very true to the art), dragonballz(spoof on kung fu),cowboy bebop(spike uses kung fu), baki the grappler(mixed martial arts very violent but very good),|||I would have to say ranma 1/2(really weird martial arts,if u ask me)it%26#039;s really good and funny(perverted also)|||Samurai Champloo

Rurouni Kenshin|||ying yang yo

What style of Kung-Fu does Young Wong Fei-Hung (The Son) do in Iron Monkey (1993)?

There%26#039;s a point in the film where he demonstrates his Kung Fu in front of a street crowd and then tries to sell medicine, before getting attacked by street yobs. Anyone know what particular style this is?|||As his name would suggest, he would have been demonstrating Hung Gar.|||Well the film fights were coreographed by yuen woo ping so i%26#039;d say they used wushu for the fight%26#039;s.

Does anyone know where the Santi brothers teach kung fu?

I am looking for James and Jason Santi%26#039;s Kung Fu school? They used to teach in San Diego together. They taught 5 Animal Kung Fu and Hsing-I. James also taught Praying Mantis. They came from the Ark Wong lineage. I looked online but did not find anything?|||James Santi has schools all over Mexico. He teaches in Tijuana Baja California and privately in San Diego. Jason Santi no longer teaches publicly. He teaches privately in NYC. Mainly Hung Gar and 5 Animal. He is now a Microsoft Software specialist.James Santi is a master in both Northern and Southern Styles. The last time he did a demo he talked about his studies in China over the last 5 years or so. Your best bet would be James since he has students teaching actively and is on the west coast. Should you be on the East Coast? I am not sure how you would find Jason? Both of their Masters were Douglas Wong and Ark Wong that I know of. I studied with Jason from 88-91 and James from 92-95 when I was in the Navy. I wish I could tell you more info. I believe James has another web site as well. Below is one for one his locations.

Is Carl Douglas's album "Kung Fu Fighting: And Other Great Love Songs" the most beautiful album in history?

I think it is.

Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting

Those kicks were fast as lightning

In fact it was a little bit frightening

But they fought with expert timing.|||It was one of the best disco tunes ever recorded. thanks for the memories. The song is going around inside my head now and if it is there all day I%26#039;ll have you to thank.

What can i expect form kung fu?

i%26#039;m considering starting kung fu. i think that business with the energy stuff woudl be so hard but so worth it if you can achieve it. is it good for self defense? will you work up a sweat? lots of physical training? major advantages and disadvantages to this style?|||In terms of what you can expect...that really depends on two things :

1- the particular family style of Gung Fu you%26#039;re training in. By this I mean, different aspects of Gung Fu vary highly by particular style. In terms of physical techniques, training methods, exercise and physical strengthening regimens, etc.

2- the teaching style of the instructor...even in a single system, you can see differing interpretations by the particular flavor of the Sifu in question.

But, the general aspects that you%26#039;ll come across : physical training, mental training (focus drills and perceptual drills, etc), and likely some Qigong, Negong, etc (energy work drills).

Will you sweat? If it%26#039;s a legitimate old school Kwoon, yes. Lots of exercise, yes. Bumps and bruises once you learn the basics, yes.

Will you experience pain through Chin-na (locking/seizing) techniques, striking techniques, etc...yes. It%26#039;s a part of the game.

In terms of advantages/disadvantages, all methods of fighting have them...some definitively moreso than others. Since I don%26#039;t know what type of Gung Fu you%26#039;ll be training in there%26#039;s not much I can add in for this, sorry.|||the main problem is not the style. It is transforming your mind to make it liquid and all en-compassing like the water. If you could keep that from birth on, you wouldn%26#039;t need any %26quot;kung fu%26quot;|||I have found it very practical for self defense, at least the way my school taught it. We alway work up a good sweat and there is a good deal of physical training. I%26#039;m not very sure about the major advantages or disadvantages of the style. I have found that many %26#039;athletic%26#039; people worked up a quick sweat and got very exhausted from the basic exercises of shaolin (the I ching chings)

If you like, I can point you to my school%26#039;s website ( for more info and list of locations. It is a successful line of shaolin schools owned by grandmaster Sin Kwang The. They have a very well organized system for teaching shaolin kung fu and tai chi. The classes are also very fun and affordable (100$ monthly for unlimited weekly access)

I hope you find something that suits you.

Have fun|||It depends a lot on where you learn. Where i learn we generally do a 20 minute warm up, with lots of jogging, stretching, situps and pressups. And then around 50 minutes of kung fu. The lessons vary, we do the forms and then put then into practice with wrist locks, pad work and pressdowns. Sparring will make you sweat and the warm-up too. Advantages? It%26#039;s given me a lot of confidence, you learn how to fight (duh), you see health benefits and become far more flexible. Disadvantage? It will take a long time to get to black belt, but that%26#039;s true for most martial arts. :)|||personel health , confidence , mental stability also self defence .|||ive ben learning kung fu for 4 months now it trains mind body and soul you will mostly use strikes but it does have grapples and you allso learn to control your Chi plus it has alot of acrobatics ..its relly good i prefer it over every martial art|||I am planing on moving to China within the next year and studying Northern Shaolin Kung Fu for about 3-5 years. It%26#039;s great for self-defense and physical/mental fitness.|||It depends what you want to do.

If you to beat an opponent down brutally, try Wing Chun.

If you want to compete in a sport, try a karate like Taek Won Do.

My opinion is biased since I study Wing Chun, but I personally think it%26#039;s fantastic. Training is intense, and don%26#039;t be surprised if you come out bruised every week. It mainly focuses on attacking pressure points and joint locks, which is good for disabling someone three times your size.

Having said that, you only get what you put in. If you lazily attend one hour class once a week, you will get stomped in a fight and your training will account for nothing when facing someone who trains two hours a week.

Give it your all, and the rewards will seriously be mind blowing.|||I think it will be easy to learn %26quot;Chi%26quot; in Kung Fu. Everyone has Chi, and even children can use Chi. Look at a child who doesn%26#039;t want picked up, how much heavier they feel compared to when they want picked up. They are using their chi to direct energy and make them seem heavier. In Kung Fu, you should learn to master this energy that you already have. Many styles of Kung Fu are excellent for self defense, and many you will get a good workout.

Where can I watch kung fu movies online?

I would like to watch kung fu movies online do anyone have any idea on a site |||Go to|||Try - They have tons of free movies to watch in full.|||Watch some here:

Looking for a funny kung fu movie in the early 90s?

this movie is about two little shaolin monks. one was chubby and one was good at kung fu and they get stronger when they drink milk.|||...I might be shooting blindly at this one, but based upon your decription, might you perhaps be thinking of the riotous 1994 martial arts action/comedy, called %26quot;Shaolin Popeye%26quot;, or it%26#039;s equally riotous sequel, %26quot;Shaolin Popeye II: Messy Temple%26quot;???|||Red Fists?

Where can I watch Kung fu panda?

Where can i watch the full movie Kung fu panda with out downloading/paying for/signing up for anything?|||so to

great quailty|||Well I%26#039;m sure you could find it online, like @ MEGAVIDEO, but isn%26#039;t it sorta illegal to see a movie without paying for it?

Another option: have a friend rent it, and watch it @ their place.|||I would watch something else|||It%26#039;s now on DVD.

What movie do you like more? Kung fu Panda or Horton hears a who!?

I like Horton Hears a Who better now, but when I first watched Kung Fu Panda I was cracking up!

I just want to know what movie you like more. Please have details.|||I%26#039;m an alien.|||Both great movies, i loved them both but King Fu panda is better, its funnier and more entertaining|||Kung Fu Panda ... Jack Black was awesome

What are all the types of tiger kung fu styles ?

I have been looking into hung gar and I am just curious about the tiger kung fu style so info on the many types of tiger styles is greatly appriaciated.|||Obviously, Tony the Tiger is most famous for being great.

Tigger type would be the best for starters.

Thanks for the 2 points|||Obviously, you have Hung Gar Siu-Lum C%26#039;haun Fa, and two derivitive styles from the initial Wong Fei Hung lineage : a Malaysian version of Hung Gar through Master Lam Sai Wing, as well as Bak Mei (White Eyebrow) gung fu.

Outside of them, you have Fujow Pai (tiger family style), Black Tiger (from S. China), as well as the general Siu-Lum (Shaolin) Fujow C%26#039;huan Fa (Tiger claw fist style).

Those are all that I know of personally, moreso about Hung Gar than anything as I studied it for 14 years..though I%26#039;ve had some cross teaching on Jing principles and some basic techniques of Bak Mei as well.|||Note that all tiger-only styles are %26#039;extinct.%26#039; They are no longer taught in schools, not even the temples where they originated. Back in the day, there was: Fu Jow Pai, Hark Fu Moon, Hong tiger, Imperial Tiger, and White Eyebrow, which is based on tiger styles.

Nowadays, any five animal Southern style includes tiger sub-styles. Try to learn Hung Gar, as seen in Jet Li%26#039;s Fearless, etc. Hung Gar practitioners were so powerful that other stylists were afraid to fight them, for fear of having their limbs shredded, or torn off. If not, try Choy Lay Fuy (also Lee or Li Fut), the cousin of Hung Gar.

Po and the other five kung fu fighters each practice with one andother one time, how many paractices will they

In the new movie, Kung Fu Panda, Po the Panda trains to become a martial-arts master! He practices with his idols, the Furious Five. Po and the other five kung fu fighters each practice with one another one time, how many practices will they have?|||There will be a total of 20 training sessions.

Easy to figure using 1,2, 3, 4, 5 instead of the names

1 will practice with 2,3,4,5

2 will practice with 1,3,4,5

3 will practice with 1,2,4,5

4 will practice with 1,2,3,5

5 will practice with 1,2,3,4

Since each one does not practice with themselves that means that they can only practice four times each.

Each will practice with the other four only once so 5 time 4 equals 20.

Brushing your nose with your thumb in kung fu movie?

In kung fu movies, there%26#039;s somebody who uses his thumb and brushes his nose before fighting, or in between pauses during fights. Kinda like uses his thumb flicks the tip of his nose. I think it was Bruce Lee but I%26#039;m not sure.

Someone who imitates it would be Jann Lee from the game Dead or Alive 3 during the CGI ending. I know Jann Lee is a rip-off of Bruce Lee, so I%26#039;m thinking it may be Bruce.|||Yes its Bruce Lee. Bruce always did it in a very cocky manner.Nice name by the way!|||Definitely Bruce Lee, it was his %26quot;shout-out%26quot; to boxing. Look at his shuffle style, you can%26#039;t tell me his time hanging out with Ali didn%26#039;t affect that. Bruce took from a lot of different styles, so he gave respect to those styles in subtle ways.

If you go back and watch old boxing tapes you%26#039;ll see it was actually very common. I don%26#039;t know why. Maybe a mental trick to keep you guard up.|||I%26#039;m pretty sure it was Bruce. It means %26quot;You%26#039;re kung-fu is no good!%26quot;

What is the name of this classic kung-fu movie?

A 80s (or 90s) classic kung-fu movie where man challenged and killed masters. Sometimes played and fought with silver flute?

One scene he fought this master that was sitting in a chair. The master was initially blocking every attack with ease with mere hand gestures (probably with just fingers). But afterward he bested and killed him.

I think the character%26#039;s name in the movie was Yu chen chu but I%26#039;m not sure.|||Circle of Iron (1978)

aka The Silent Flute

starring David Carradine (in multiple roles), Jeff Cooper ... Cord, Christopher Lee, Roddy McDowall, Eli Wallach, Anthony De Longis

IMDb synopsis:

Cord the Seeker, a young martial artist, competes for and loses the right to go on a quest for the Book of All Knowlege held by a wizard named Zetan, but he goes along the path to seek Zetan anyway. Along the way, he meets strange tests and challenges by enemies and allies, often having difficulty determining which is which.


According to a recent biography of Bruce Lee, the film was intended to be shot in 1969 with Lee playing the four roles of The Blind Man, Monkeyman, Death and Changsha, and the lead role of Cord was offered to Steve McQueen~who turned down the role after remarking that he wasn%26#039;t prepared to make Lee a star. Instead, it was offered to James Coburn. Disagreements over location shooting (Lee preferred India) led the film to be abandoned until after his death when the rights were acquired by Carradine. Originally, karate champion Joe Lewis was offered the role of Cord but declined as he was unwilling to work with Carradine. Jeff Cooper, a friend of Carradine, finally took the part and Lewis ended up supervising the reshooting of some of the fight scenes.

Perhaps I%26#039;m offbase here, but the flute reminded me of this movie, not to say that there aren%26#039;t a number of martial arts films involving a flute. I%26#039;ll look around, as I don%26#039;t recall anyone by that name in this movie.

Which Martial art should i do Kung fu, Karate, or Taekwon do?

I am 13 and medium build. I have never done a martial art, the schools in my area teach Kung fu, Taekwon do, and Karate, I was wondering between those three which are your favorites.|||They are all good styles so its really up to you. Though remember tht how good a school is has far more to do with the instructor, a good instructor and how much effort you put in to it makes all the difference.

I don%26#039;t know a lot about Kung Fu to be honest.... Just that its supposedly a lighter style. Less strength and power required, they focus on other ways of defeating.

Tae Kwon Do is a good friend trains in it and we spar togethor sometimes. Its very similar to Karate if you take a traditional class, not so much witha sport class. Its basically Karate but with an emphasis on kicking. Also it depends on what you want out of a martial art...personally I wouldn%26#039;t pick tae kwon do if its the sport kind... Thats just because I prefer the Martial ART aspect over the sport stuff, but to each his own.

Karate is a good style... Its what I do so I%26#039;m biased of course. I train in Shotokan Karate. Karate is a very solid, well rounded style. It doesn%26#039;t really have a specialty ot strong emphasis on one kind of technique, like kicking in taekwon do. Also its not a big sport based you don%26#039;t have all that stuff, its more about the art and self defense.

Its just up to you! Go watch each class and see which one looks like your kind of thing.|||Its just a style of fightng that uses one or two small sticks...about 2 feet long or so. Some karate schools like to incorporate weapon techniques as well like the bow staff Apparently that school just uses the arnis stick fighting. My grandfather for instance taught kukra (fancy knife) in his dojo. Report Abuse
|||I would suggest kung fu. Kung fu prepares you for almost all kind of situation during a fight. TKD and karate are good too, but not all people are suitable for that. On the other hand kung fu, just because it was developed all the way from ancient time, there do exist kung fu that suitable for any kind of people. One thing is that, kung fu, you need a lot more time to practice before you specialised in it and use it is combat.|||Tae Kwon Do because is up dated and is recongnized as a sport also for the Olympics like Judo at the same time it the best for developing a strong body and learn to defend yourself in a dangerous situation but remember that you have to practice and practice a lot to be good at it kung fu is great discipline the same as Karate but my personal opinion is that they are not up dated they were developed for ancient times same as Tae Kwon Do but TKD adapted better for our modern times. Wish you the best and go and see their classes and meet with the instructor before you make your choice remember look always for a good instructor that you feel comfortable before you join their school.|||thats a rather strange question, most peoplke will give you a one word biased answer according to what they have done. i am now 15 years old and a 2nd degree blackbelt in karate, i started when i was about 5 years old, obviously this took a while because when you are so young then you find it harder to get up the ranks as quickly as you can, so dont be put off.

it depends what your personality is, if yu want to throw people around, then go for judo or tae-kwon-do, kung fu is if you are a person who is an animal lover, and karate is for if you want to use someone elses strength against them.

overall it should be your decision to what martial art you pick.

good luck for whatever you choose.|||Visit some different schools. Look over the different styles. Talk to the instructors AND the students. Take your time and find-out exactly what they teach and watch them train.

I took Tae Kwon Do, but the school I went to also taught just a little bit of some other martial arts, like some basic Judo moves.

Try to find a martial arts school that is willing to teach some variations of other techniques.|||From your list I%26#039;d suggest

Kung Fu.

Best wishes :)***|||If they have Kyokushin then I think you should try Kyokushin Karate or Shotokan Karate|||karate will teach you the most practical self defence and will also teach you stand up,ground/grappling and weapons.|||Taekwondo, because it can be done competetively .|||Jiu-Jitsu.

Where can I sell my unused nine segment kung fu chain whip? ?

Is there a place where i can sell kung fu weapons?|||craig%26#039;s list or ebay

Wondering if anyone knows where to buy a dvd on how to improve flips and kicks for kung fu?

I need to find an instructional video or know the name of a dvd that i can get to learn how to better my flips and kicks for kung fu....i was going to join gymnastics on the side but nobody has adult gymnastics where i live....please no smart remarks....just names of dvds that teach launching and soft landings for kicking and flips used in kung fu...thanks for your time and input!!|||i highly recommend gymnastics. i cant believe theres no adult classes around you. usually you can get private lessons or go to open gym

i%26#039;ll do you one better than a dvd i%26#039;ll give you some good free sites that have good instructions

but try looking harder into gymnastics it helps alot and its safer|||I%26#039;m not sure of the names of any good dvd%26#039;s, but try going to I have ordered a couple of Judo Gi%26#039;s from there and as long as you don%26#039;t mind waiting 2 weeks shipping is cheap. Otherwise it is very expensive.

How Can I learn KUNG FU ?

I am a very weak boy and every time i went to school..... bully everytime come and bully me. So i want to learn Kung Fu to defend myself. Please help.

P.S : I live in Malaysia|||grow some balls and stand up for yourself .kik sum ***|||Ask around to people you know who train. Visit some schools and watch what they do. Some are focused on sport. Some on Self Defense. There is a big difference between fighting someone in a ring with rules and fighting someone to survive on the street. A good school will let you watch and maybe try out some classes. Ask questions and shop around. Different arts focus on different things so look for one that looks interesting to you. There are a lot of good martial arts out of malaysia. Good luck.|||as i know, lots of conutries have Kung Fu study class, and also there are many famous Chinese Kung Fu player teaching in foreign contruy, you could ask Chinese around you ,maybe they know how and where to find out.|||You should definitely take up a kung fu class or maybe a silat class. Under the right instruction you won%26#039;t be weak for too long if you train and practice dilligently.|||as u r very week so eat a lot,whatever u get ate eat the morning run half kilometer regularly.workout regularly in a gym for one hour.afterall join kung fu classes|||Your closer to someone that knows real kung-fu than I am, I%26#039;m Canadian, I want to learn kung-fu as well.|||Any kind of martial arts can help you defend yourself. Go to a martial arts school. Any kind, but make sure you like that type of style.|||you can learn Pancek Silat in Indonesia, it is like Kung Fu and it is deadly|||to yourself a favore and start going to a boxing gym, or since your in malasa try Muay-Thai..... not kung-fu man, boxing... BOXING!!!|||Look in the yellow pages for a kung fu school under martial arts.|||uh take a kung fu class|||Go take a Kung Fu class and then kick their *** all the way home :)

Where can i buy the kung fu panda game in manila?

i am a fan of Kung fu panda.I heard there is a game of it.And i live in manila.Where can i get it?|||You can watch Kung Fu Panda - complete full length movie below.|||Check here:

You will find what you like!

Good luck!|||ummmm. you can get it in any kinda game store.|||s quiapo po cguro..

pero am sure mdmi s greenhills! dun tlgah! s mga muslim... ^_^.

mgnda kxe mura ehehe

Who would win between Karate/Kung Fu and UFC champions - and why?

Picture the scene :-

A best-in-the-world world karate champion, steps into the ring against a best-in-the-world UFC champion.

Who would win and why? And would the same go for a kung fu/UFC fight too?|||Karate champion- depending on the style, most are standup fighters, with no ground grappling, unless is a style like Shidokan karate. It%26#039;s the same for a kung fu practitioner.

UFC champion- this is not a style, it%26#039;s a person trained in mixed martial arts (boxing, muay thai, kickboxing, wrestling, judo, brazilian jiujitsu), who fights in the UFC organization.

Anybody trained in mixed martial arts, regardless of which organization, has an advantage against a striker (karate, kung fu)who lacks a ground game, this was already proven the first days of UFC when Royce Gracie was submiting practitioners of different striking arts. Then the wrestlers came to play and the MMA game evolved, mixing all the styles.|||Of course it depends on the skill level of the practitioner. Fighting the way a traditional kung fu practitioner fights is completely different. We have no rules regarding where to strike %26amp; have no hesitation in striking testicles, eyes or throat. That is martial art not martial sport. Report Abuse
|||There is always a punchers chance, so literally anyone can win.|||Most people are going to tell you the Mixed Martial Art-ist (MMA%26#039;s are the contenders, UFC is the venue) has a much greater chance at winning. And this is said for one of two reasons: 1. a MMA usually has had more training experience against a wide variety of fighters/ fighting styles (i.e striking arts, grappling arts), and 2. they tend to have a more well-rounded way of fighting than the average school (utilizing both the striking arts and grappling arts). But... if you had a traditional karate school or kung fu school that embodied the two qualities I described, then it would just come down to an individuals experience, or even who fought better on a given day.|||It depends heavily. A UFC fighter is more about spead and strenght. A Karate or Kung fu fighter will have an advantage of having the ability of one knock out blow. I%26#039;ve seen numerous fights between Kung fu and Karate fighters where Kung Fu wins 9/10 times because it entails more. I%26#039;m pretty certain a Kung fu master would beat a UFC fighter.|||It all depends on the rules.

If it%26#039;s in Karate or Kung Fu the Karate/ Kung Fu guy would most likely win. Nothing is definite, since MMA fighters aren%26#039;t practicing only one style. Unless the MMA fighter is just a wrestler with a little bit of striking, then it%26#039;s tough to say.

If it%26#039;s Kick Boxing, who knows? A lot of the MMA/ UFC guys are great strikers too.

If it%26#039;s MMA rules, the Karate/ Kung Fu guy would have a very tough time, unless they learned to sprawl and or had some grappling %26amp; ground work.|||UFC more technically experienced

Kung fu???

Im working on my transition from stance to stance. I realize that a lot of it is practice and muscle memory. Is there anything special that I should be feeling for that would let me know Im doing something particularly right or wrong?|||You are working on something that will benefit you over your whole Kung Fu life. It is something that we push all the time.

Be sure that each posture is correct before moving to the next. When moving, try to keep your body(head) at the same elevation (don%26#039;t stand up). This will tear your legs up allot at first, but you will be building the muscles necessary for good Kung Fu. Take your time and go slow. You are certainly on the right track.

Also, be sure to show your instructor what you are doing. They will be better at pointing out the little details that will help you progress faster and be better overall.

Keep up the hard work and you will reap the benefits!!!|||When you can make the transitions with out thinking about it then you will have made progress.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

How can I found kung fu panda game for ps3 for 20$ please?

How can I found kung fu panda game for ps3 for 20$ please|||ebay|||ebay. amazon. ask someone you know to trade with you for a different game. you could also wait and see if target goes on sale or circut city since it is closing down|||Definitely go to gamestop. You can trade games in or you can just there to buy games. You can get both new and used, so that is the place you need to go. It%26#039;s better than ebay, because you won%26#039;t be paying shipping, and you can get it right then and won%26#039;t have to wait for it. Plus, gamestop stands by their products. If there is something wrong with it, you can bring it back, however my husband and I have gotten probably at least 100 games from gamestop and never had a problem with any of them. Also remember that every gamestop is going to have different games, so you will have more luck if you have several around you. Good luck!|||GAMESTOP|||EBay is your best bet. They have the most bargainous games there.|||kung fu panda isnt available for the ps3. but you can get it for the ps2 and play it in your ps3. AND i found it on amazon for 20! check it out, its even better if you have amazon prime! have fun!

Where can i find kung fu in Indonesia?

I%26#039;m asking because i plan to move there next year and i will be going to the island of Java, and i like to continue in some form of Kung Fu/Tai Chi||||||Do a search for Sifu Eric Ling, who lives in Sarawak Kuching.

He is a great practitioner himself and he visits and trains with all the top masters and helps them get recognition.

He is a really nice guy and can help you find someone as he knows them all.

I can't decide between Kung Fu or Gymnastics, does Kung Fu has the same abilities than Gymnastics has?

Or even more better and develop?

What ability will someone gain if they practice Gymnastics and in the other hand Kung Fu?|||In the long run, you will see all of the same benefits from Kung Fu as you would taking Gymnastics, plus you will be learning to protect yourself and others.

In the short term, your flexibility and strength will grow faster in Gymnastics, but with more opportunity to injure yourself.

Most gymnasts that I have had start Kung Fu have done extremely well because of their conditioning of years of gymnastics.

Benefit to benefit, you will get more from Kung Fu that gymnastics.|||Try wushu which is technically kung fu but more based on forms. Like the floor routines in gymnastics except you use weapons sometimes and it has fighting applications to it. Both are great for flexibility and fitness and you can use both to help in the other one.|||you could say there are many different forms of gymnastics which range from different flexibilities you must be flexible to do either, Kung Fu is more based on fighting whereas gym is much more varied. if you really want, you can do both!!!

if you practise gymnastics you become more flexible, active, focused, whereas if you do Kung Fu its more fighting mode.|||For gymnatics you will become very flexible, athletic, and will eventually be able to do front/back flips on the ground. Well, you know what I mean. For Kung Fu, you will become a lot more focused, your reflexes will increase drastically, and you will learn some cool techniques like being able to break cement (this falls under the focus part). Trust me, I%26#039;ve taken karate before (a style called Go Ju Ryu), and I%26#039;m able to smash thing to pieces just by focusing lol. The same thing goes with kung fu. It%26#039;s a differentstyle, but you will still develop the same traits as my style. So, gymnastics= great endurance, and flexibility, and kung fu= great focus, power, stamina, etc. I personally find kung fu to be a better choice, but everyone%26#039;s different. Just pick what you like more :)

Where are there any Kung Fu schools near or in Carroll County Maryland?

I want to start Kung Fu classes, but Im not sure where there r any relatively cheap schools near Carroll County. I need help!!!|||There%26#039;s plenty of listings here, you%26#039;ll have to call for prices though:|||i jst want 2 points sorry... :(

Are there any kung fu or Tai Chi classes in Pune?

I want to learn Kung fu/ Tai Chi. Are there any classes in Pune (India) where I can enroll?|||Yes. For Tai Chi check out this site:

Is there a site where I can watch classic kung fu movies?

I am a lover of classic kung fu movies, especially Shaw Brothers Films|||Well youtube has a lot of clips, sometimes entire movies divided in sections. Also check Veoh, Yahoo, Dailymotion, and google videos.|||

How do you tie a kung fu belt?!?

I got my kung fu pants a few days ago, and I%26#039;m wondering how do you tie the belt...because i have NO idea! I tried experimenting, but i%26#039;m clueless...nobody told me how to tie it, and i have lessons in a few hours! so please help! btw, it%26#039;s choy lee fat style. thanks :))|||You want the tie knot to be on the right side of the body. Hold about 6 inches on the right of the body forward. Wrap around the body from behind to front many times (depending on how big your body is) until you get back to the right side with a little left. Tie it with one loop on top. You%26#039;re done. Have fun- you%26#039;ll love Choy Lee Fat style.|||Its kinda like a tie so leave a little bit out at the end where you want to tie it. Then wrap the other end around you till you have just enough to tie it with the other end.

Peace, and Much Respect,

have fun|||I have taken tae kwon do for 12 years and i am a 2 degree black belt. I am not sure how to tie a kong fu belt, but with tae kwon do, it goes like this...

1) take the belt and rest it behind ur waste with the 2 tips facing in front of you.

2) Take the left tip and place it over the right tip, forming an %26#039;X%26#039;

3) Take the original left side(now the right side) and put that into the triangle that u should see near ur stomach. put the belt in from the bottom up through the triangle. Pull so it is against ur body.(the belt should look like your arms, if they were folded)

4) Now, take the side that is now on the right and put it over the left, forming another, smaller %26#039;X%26#039;

5) Finally, take the side that is on the bottom, and put it into the hole, the tip should be facing down, and pull the two sides. when looking in a mirror, the belt should have an arrow in the middle of it pointing to the left.

i hope this helps... good luck|||im assuming that your%26#039;etalking about a sash, if thats the case its really easy. grab the sash a little less than a foot away from the end and hold that point onto your right hip (note: in most schools ive seen all students wear their sash on the right side and the left side is reserved only for that schools sifu, but im not sure if thats something thats universal). wrap the sash tightly around your body until you come about a foot away from the other end( if it gets too close unwrap it once, its better to have it long than short as that will make it hard to tie) cross the two end and pull tightlike if you were beginning to tie your shoes. take whichever end is longer and pull it up so that it creates half a bow. now take the other end and wrap it around the %26quot;half-bow%26quot; and pull through and down. its more ore less like tying your shoe except that you make only one loop instead of two. the last step is to fold down the bow so thats neat and out of the way....... hope that helped|||try to tie it either two or three times

Why are many boxers trashing Kung Fu?

I keep hearing them say that Kung Fu is fake cra,and that boxers could defeat every Kung Fu master.But,these boxers don`t even know anything about Kung Fu except from what they hear from movies!Why are boxers trashing every other martial arts includin Krav Maga and Marine Corp martial arts,despite not knowing anything about these martial arts?|||kung fu hasnt got the full on discipline like it used to have i mean look what bruce lee was like in his prime, boxers are more into saving their leg power and it%26#039;s more lazier than kung fu. Also consider the fact that kung fu tournaments are nowhere to be seen on any channel on TV.

fung fu isnt fake-------Bruce Lee is the perfect example

boxers have expetional punch power maybe thats why they trash other laid back sport extremists|||What boxers are you referring to? that sounds like sounds like a generalization. As someone who has been learning both martial arts and boxing that it isn%26#039;t the system that makes the fighter but the fighter that makes the system.

From where I can learn Ninjutsu ,taekwondo, Kung fu, Karate in Borivali or in mumbai I need it ?

I stay at borivali. I am in 12th std. So I cannot go beyond goregoan. Therefore, Can you please give me add. of any teacher or centre of taekwondo, ninjutsu,Kung fu and karate.|||Ninjutsu: this is the art practiced by the ninja, and ninjas have been extinct since feudal Japan, the only place they teach (modernized) ninjutsu is the Bujinkan in Japan, anywhere else the art is suspect at best.

Karate: karate can be a good art, they teach you striking, the key is to find a good school.

Kung Fu: Kung fu is a beautiful art to watch, but might no be practical unless they do sparring (full contact), it%26#039;s a general term for chinese martial arts.

Tae kwon do: is a Korean martial art that emphasizes on kicking, the trick as with karate is to find a good school that does sparring.||| Report Abuse

Is there a web site to study kung fu on line?

Focus on shaolin or the internal styles of kung fu?|||I rather attend a Kung Fu class than learning Kung Fu on line. Go to the net to search for a nearest Kung Fu class which you like.|||i doubt ucan learn it that way|||would be a one sided match|||Study kungfu online is easy. You can test online too and get a virtual black belt. Mortal Kombat in XBox shows some great kill moves you can copy.|||Mabye not a website that will straight up teach you, but I%26#039;m sure that there%26#039;s something that could guide you. But you really should find a teacher to teach you the art. You can%26#039;t replicate the passion or drive that you get when you learn something like that from a teacher. Plus you%26#039;ll learn it correctly. Did you see that nifty nova on pbs last night about the shao-lin kung-fu monks? It was pretty sweet.|||watch them ancient jet li movies and imitate him|||I remember when I tried to learn Karate from a book. I thought I knew what I was doing until I actually enrolled in an actual school and had to re learn everything. Biggest waste of 30 bucks in my life.|||you need a teacher to study kung fu, it takes 12 years to master, and is half meditation, you can maybe pick up a little i guess. yeah just search.|||I want to learn karate but first i tried it to learn it from books and other things but they arent very good because u need ateacher to tell u what is the best way u can do that kicks and i am trying to go to the class rather than learning online.