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Question: What style of Kung fu did they teach and practice?

in the movie: KUNG FU PANDA?|||I%26#039;m not exactly sure since i haven%26#039;t seen the movie, but from what i saw from the trailers they practically say they do five animals style.|||Wait, they didn%26#039;t make a mockery of it in %26quot;Shaolin Soccer%26quot; and %26quot;Kung Fu Hustle%26quot;? And you should see some of the Hong Kong action TV they import here in S.Korea; its all wire-work and special effects. How can anybody take that seriously?

Christianity survived %26quot;Monty Python%26#039;s Life of Brian%26quot;, The art of Kung Fu will survive a kid%26#039;s movie. Stop whinging.|||Kung Fu Panda mocks the tradition of gung fu.

but they derived the xaolin five animal system, and turned it into a cartoon.

So stupid|||It%26#039;s actually a mixture......

Can someone help me pick a kung fu style?

I am currently 18 and i am really interested in learning a kung fu style however i dont know the aspects of many of the styles can someone help me out here?|||For self defence I%26#039;d suggest wing chun :)***|||Good Northern Systems include Hsing I and Bagua Zhang as well as Tai Chi if its taught correctly. Shaolin is also a good northern system.

Southern systems like Choi Gar, Hung Gar, Jook Lum, and wing Chun are also good systems.

The differences are in the way that the regional systems gain power.

Northern systems depend on strong rooting and foot work.

Southern systems rely on a more of a wiping/ snapping power.

Both are good

Good Luck|||If you like to jump and do more flying kicks and such, try Northern Shaolin styles. If you want to focus more on strength and balance, do Southern Shaolin. I%26#039;ve studied various styles of Kung Fu for many years, but primarily Southern Shaolin.|||Northern- Shaolin and Tai Chi. Shaolin is usually high acrobatic kicks. Tae Kwan Do originated from this. Shaolin Uses a lot of Animal forms.

Southern- Wing Chun, Praying Mantis, etc. Usually uses hands and is more realistic and more based on fighting aspects.|||kung fu is a specific style mang.

if kung fu is what your looking for you can also look into ninjitsu.

google martial art styles and find one accordingly|||Not exactly what you are asking but this may help martial arts directory by location.

What's a good gift for a 5 year old boy who likes Spiderman, Batman, and Kung Fu Panda?

I am invited to my friends sons 5th birthday party and I have no clue what to get him for a gift! I know he loves that new movie Kung Fu Panda that is out.. I also know that he likes Spiderman and Batman. Anyone have any ideas? I wanted to spend around $15 to $20.|||Pick up the spider-man movie action figures. Those things are the PERFECT spider-man toy ( and i know, i collected a LOT of marvel figures. Marvel legends is the best, but i didn%26#039;t like the spider-man figure from that line ). Theres this black costumed spider-man who comes with a hang glider, you might want to pick that up too ( That is my favorite version, as it is molded from the movie toys, only painted black with a silver spider )

for batman toys, the new line they have that comes with building a figure ( theres penguin, red tornado, etc. the pieces construct whats-his-face, the elemental guy ) is the BEST batman toy i%26#039;ve picked up. Period.|||LEGO has both Spiderman %26amp; Batman building sets. They are fun and learning toys.|||Buy him the action figures.

Where is the in game cheats menu for kung fu panda?

where is the %26quot;in game cheats menu%26quot; on the kung fu panda xbox 360 game?

and how do i get to it?|||Effect: 4x Damage Multiplyer.

When: Enter this code under the Cheats in the Extra menu.

How: Press Up, Down, Up, Right, Left

Effect: Gives you infinite chi.

When: Enter this code under the Cheats in the Extra menu.

How: Press: Down, Right, Left, Up, Down

Effect: Po wears a dragon warrior outfit and additional move set (in multiplayer).

When: Enter this code under the Cheats in the Extra menu.

How: Press: Left, Down, Right, Left, Up

Effect: Obtain all outfits.

When: Enter this code under the Cheats in the Extra menu.

How: Press: Right, Left, Down, Up, Right

Effect: Obtain full upgrades.

When: Enter this code under the Cheats in the Extra menu.

How: Press: Left, Right, Down, Left, Up

Effect: Unlock all multiplayer characters.

When: Enter this code under the Cheats in the Extra menu.

How: Press: Left, Down, Left, Right, Down

Effect: Invincibility (in story mode)

When: Enter this code under the Cheats in the Extra menu.

How: Press: Down, Down, Right, Up, Left

That%26#039;s all i know. My name is Hafiz

I can't decide between Kung Fu or Gymnastics, does Kung Fu has the same abilities that Gymnastics has?

Or even more better and develop?

What ability will someone gain if they practice Gymnastics and in the other hand Kung Fu?|||no. Kung Fu is like Yoga. to be healthy and usually to clear you mind. gymnastics is to be flexible. i think Kung Fu is better. if you do practice both thats great!! you will know how to be flexible and to be healthy!!|||Gymnastics is better for become more flexible and gaining more endurance, as far as being able to run longer periods without having to stop goes, also better for losing weight. Kung Fu is better for self-defense in a fight obviously and is better for gaining muscle and hand-eye coordination

Would it be ok for a Korean person to learn Kung Fu rather than TKD?

Seems bad that I want to learn Kung Fu rather than TKD. I%26#039;m not sure what to choose.|||Train in Kung fu, do Sanshou / Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing). It is a

mixture of Kickboxing, Wrestling and Judo (Very effective). Even the

Chinese military use it.|||If you want to do kung fu then do kung fu. The only thing that brings race in to martial arts is people. Do not let such petty people interfere with you and what you wish to do|||Of course it%26#039;s okay.

Kung Fu is much better than Taekwondo and I would recommend you to take up Kung Fu instead.|||Learn whatever you want. It%26#039;s a free country.|||If you plan on doing Kung Fu, do Sanda/Sanshou if you actually want to learn how to fight. I%26#039;d trust my safety on the street with Sanda ten times more than TKD, no matter what.|||I am afraid U have been tainted by traditionalists. There is no nationality 2 combat.@ this point in history,U have the option of any martial art regardless of your race.What U need 2 look in2 more so is what your goal is 4 learning the art.Some concentrate on flowery kicks,some on healing,some on joint manipulation,some on redirection.Figure out your goal %26amp; 4get nationality.|||i%26#039;m learning Tang soo do and Kenpo.. basically If want to learn Kung Fu rather than TKD, then go for it... it doesn%26#039;t really matter what ppl say, as long you enjoy the Art...|||Nothing wrong. But I understand you. I%26#039;m Japanese and I practice Japanese martial arts; not because I%26#039;m racist, but because I like Japanese martial arts and appreciate the culture.

However if YOU want to do Kung Fu, it%26#039;s your choice and you shouldn%26#039;t let racial bias interfere with your decisions. What you want to do comes first.

Oh and how many white people practice Asian martial arts in this world? Countless.|||this depends on how traditional your family is. so family get insulated if you go to another countries martial arts system, while others could care less.

if you are very close with your parents and/or siblings and you think you need there approval for it. then you should ask them.

I have had Chinese and Korean students that had to stop because of the pressure they were getting from there families. while other didn%26#039;t have an issue with it.

so it all comes down to how close you are with your family and who, traditional they are.

When does Kung Fu Panda come out on DVD?

I want to buy Kung Fu Panda for my friend and her birthday is August 24. Can I buy it on time for her birthday, or will it have to be a belated birthday present? Also, how much are DVDs these days? I haven%26#039;t bought one for a while.|||The DVD will come out on November 11, 2008. New releases on DVD are about $25. If your friend likes Kung Fu Panda, maybe another animated movie will be good for him/her. Maybe Bee Movie, Shrek 1, 2 or the Third, Flushed Away, stuff like that. They%26#039;re all great animated movies :D Hopes this helps.|||It will not be out on Dvd in time. The movie came out in May or June and it usually takes up to 4 months fro a movie to come out on DVD.

New DVD%26#039;s right after they come out range anywhere from 20-25 dollars.

Hope this helps...

Why can't I kung fu flip in gears of wars? I use to be able to but now I just levitate and then climb forward?

Questions says it all. I was great at kung fu flipping. On Gears of wars. Why Can%26#039;t I flip now? I levitate and then my guy climbs forward? Whats going on? Any times?|||It%26#039;s Microsoft slowly killing your account for being a glitcher. |||ok|||.... maybe ur out of shape..

Who knows a goods kung fu master now in Inglewood ?

I have just transferred hereand desire to train.State any suitable school if it is in the downtown area.It would be especially great if the school had wooden dummies or a martialarm kung fu home training partner. What do you think?|||snoopdoggg

How to choose a good place to learn kung fu?


I am willing to learn Kung Fu. Since it%26#039;s a long way, deals with conditioning and has do do with fighting (not only, but it does), then I am being very careful.

What should I look for? What should I avoid? What are the dangers?

For example, what does a good academy look like? How important the %26quot;lineage%26quot; is? What to expect from an academy that says they have sparring classes? What about those that don%26#039;t? Also, how important and how dangerous is Chi Kung, as used in Kung Fu?

I live in Brazil (in S茫o Paulo), and although I did look at some academies ehre, I feel like I just can%26#039;t tell who%26#039;s who, and which instructors are serious and which are not. There are even some who learn from one master, then change to another, and well, this is kind of confusing. I also see masters criticizing one another (even if in a subtle way), but I suppose this is %26quot;normal%26quot;.

(See, I don%26#039;t really care about the %26quot;style%26quot;. I am mostly concerned with authenticity and safety.)|||china|||Any Martial Art you study will have a degree of danger to it, the injury factor will always be there, especially if you don%26#039;t perform the techniques you%26#039;ll learn properly.

A good Martial Arts school should have a clean and friendly atmosphere. and instructors that want to help you to become the best Martial Artist you can be. and they shouldn%26#039;t hassle you about contracts and such.

There isn%26#039;t a %26quot;Best fit%26quot; type of Martial Art for people with a certain height, weight, body type, or personality, etc. Nor is there a such thing as a %26quot;best Martial Art%26quot; because they all have their own strengths and weaknesses

Any Martial Art you study is going to help you learn better balance, better coordination, speed in your technique, and power in your techniques; but these are attributes that are products of GOOD and PROPER training.

all you need to do dude is find out what schools are available to you, and choose at least three that interest you the most, watch a couple of their classes to see if you want to take up some trial classes (up to a weeks worth without being hassled to sign a contract).

If you like the school, then enroll in it. Any Martial Art is going to show you how to utilize your body by learning self defense.

You just need to find a Martial Arts School that will provide a safe environment for you and your parents agree on it. You are right about studying a particular discipline. because it DOESN%26#039;T MATTER because there is NO discipline that is better than another.

What matters is that you feel comfortable (and like the classes) in the classes and you feel comfortable that the instructor can properly teach you self defense and not have the %26quot;smoke and mirrors%26quot; aspect. and that the instructor likes to do it more for the teaching aspect rather than the %26quot;making money%26quot; which it is a business to make money but it should not be the only reason for teaching the discipline.

just watch out for school%26#039;s that%26#039;re a %26quot;McDojo%26#039;s%26quot; or %26quot;belt factory%26quot; type of school.

these schools usually do a lot of boasting about how soon their students make their 1st degree black belts (like having several %26quot;young black belts%26quot; that%26#039;re usually 9 or 10 yr old kids, which should be a rare thing to see unless the child started learning the discipline when they were 4 yrs old), and often boast about students making their black belts in about a year鈥檚 time (which it should be up to 5 years or better) which often means that they have a high student turnout rate.

They%26#039;ll also often try to get you to commit to a contract, usually one that%26#039;s 6 months long or more or try to get you to pay down a large sum of money for that kind of time period. which is a BIG red flag

These schools will also brag about how many tournaments their students have entered and placed in or won a trophy. While Tournaments are good to go to and test your own skills as a point sparring contestant, but competitions are the LEAST important aspect to concern yourself with in Martial Arts.

Long story short, these schools will basically %26quot;give%26quot; you your belt ranks every few months as long as you are paying the outrageous fees per month, and you won%26#039;t really learn self defense.

there%26#039;s always going to be schools that think their Martial Art is the best, but that%26#039;s been going on for hundreds of years and it%26#039;s no different today. Unfortunately it will continue, until these people realize the discipline they study isn%26#039;t better than any other.

%26quot;lineage%26quot; shouldn%26#039;t be a big concern unless the instructors can%26#039;t tell you about the history of the discipline and who they learned it from or what affiliation the school has with a national organization.

Sparring should be a basic and integral part of your training, because it should help you with your timing and use of the techniques you learn.|||Be very interested in the style you will be studying. Identify which lineage it is from and read about it. If you do find this school has reference to the lineage, and you want to study, check out a class. Then talk to the Sifu. If you are sincere he may let you study with him. A good Sifu will not teach just anyone.


the Qi Gung mental disorder myth is just a myth...|||After you have checked the authenticity or the art, If you are able, watch the seniors class (these are the ones that will probably teach you in the beginning.). The seniors set the tone of the school. The seniors should be able to answer any questions you have regarding the art or should have the humility to say %26quot;I don%26#039;t know, let me find out the answer for you.%26quot; If there is camaraderie in the senior class and the art represents the lineage you are looking for, then you might want to add this school to your good list.|||At tiger Shaulmans karate school hi-ya!|||I am a karate instructor of traditional chito ryu karate. If you are looking for a school here are some suggestions

Most good schools will let you watch a class and try one out befoe you decide to join

A good school is not measured by trphies but by the demeanor of its students and its instructors

A good school will not have you sparring(fighting) until you are well versed in the basics and moving into the intermediate levels

A good school has a diverse student base meaning that there all all different types of people there

Listen when the instructor teaches Does he seem full of himself

Do the students show a respect of learning not respect out of fear

I find that most schools that are tournament oriented have a different level of standard being that they are lower- I am sorry to have to say this and it is not true of all schools but if a school emphasizes on winning tournaments by point scoring the level of quality of what they learn seems to be lower

If you feel comfortable and welcome in the dojo it is probably a good choice for you but make sure you check out as many as you can before you decide|||Kung Fu, is a lifestyle for personnel fulfillment which includes a fighting art with it.It sounds like you are searching for that rather than a aggressive fighting art.Approach the sifus or masters with this in mind and be honest with them about it.Also the best of them will wish for students like this rather than ones that only take it to only learn to fight.Go with your own personal gut feelings in this respect.Also remember, that if you go to a major commercial establishment, that is what you will get, commercial mass produced results that may push you to fast to earn your various sashes thus keeping you happy and willing to spend your money.which could cause you unnecessary injuries in the long sifus or masters out that are off the beaten path and the very best ones I found seemed like that did not want me around even though I liked them.(they later told me that they had to make sure I was sincere and was determined to keep coming back and that I did earnestly until they eventually capitulated.Good luck with your endeavor and may the powers that be, shine on your path and show you the way.

PS. various forms of mental illnesses formed via martial arts(if it was true!) only happen to people that are unstable to begin with.

As for the Iron Palm training.To do it properly,will take you a little over a year to do safely, so you don%26#039;t wind up with a paralyzed hand that looks like cow horn.Also it includes a handed down recipe for a liniment called DI DAT JOW, the spelling varies as well as the recipes from place to place but this fowl smelling stuff is necessary to prevent this damage and maintain your hands integrity.If they do not use this DO NOT use them! Plus Iron Palm is a supplement to a kung fu system,not a stand alone system.(such as Dim Mak).|||the most direct linage is good...those teachers should know a lot and be authentic...I%26#039;d say the best schools are the ones that haven%26#039;t (or won%26#039;t) tun into a buisness, the schools that won%26#039;t force you to be under a contract. Try one out, and if you don%26#039;t like it, then leave. Qigong is supposed to help your health (at least as used in Tai Chi). I am in both Kung Fu and Tai Chi and have swithched schools once. Don%26#039;t be afraid to leave a school that doesn%26#039;t fit you.

Are wrestling shoes sutible for martial arts such as tia chi and kung fu?

are wrestling shoes sutible for martial arts such as tia chi and kung fu?|||In general terms they should be just fine, but it will depend upon whether you will use them in a formal class or not.

In a formal class you will be obligated to meet the class requirements which will depend largely on the type of surface you train on. That will be up to your instructor to determine.

If you%26#039;re training on your own, anything is fine to wear with the usual safety caveats depending on the discipline you practice. Shoes can sometimes promote traction at times when you don%26#039;t expect it, and that can cause some injuries.

All this said, you should most definately practice in your normal clothing and footwear often, and on different surfaces, to familiarize yourself with the adjustments that must be made to maintein effectiveness when you%26#039;re out of your typical martial arts uniform.

Good luck

Ken C

9th Dan HapMoosaKi-Do

8th Dan TaeKwon-Do

7th Dan YongChul-Do|||Wretling shoes are very popular in the Chinese martial art world, as are Fei Yue shoes (similar soles, but more like lightweight keds in appearance). Of course, ask your Sifu as he will best be able to direct you with consideration to his art and training environs.|||No usually when you do martial arts you are forced to do it barefoot.|||It depends on the surface you%26#039;re working on. Generally using rubber or leather soled shoes is frowned upon on martial arts mats (which are different from wrestling mats).

I%26#039;ve seen Tia Chi done on everything from mats to hardwood floors to asphalt tennis courts to grass in parks. In all of those except the hardwood floors shoes were worn and they would have been fine but conferred no advantage.

Kung Fu is generally (IIRC) done on mats, and as such they probably won%26#039;t let you wear wrestling shoes.|||I think they could be beneficial to some martial arts.

I am trying to make a kung fu movie spoof, help?

I am trying to make a spoof of kung fu movies just for fun. I%26#039;m having trouble though finding cool chinese backgrounds I could use for fighting scenes. I%26#039;m planning on using green screen, so I was wondering if anyone knew of any neat looking temples or palaces I could use for green screen backgrounds. Where in China do they normally film Kung Fu movies anyway? Please help. |||Hey there tyler , I found answer to your query . Just check out the below link. Hope you find what you are looking for. All you need to do is little search.|||can%26#039;t help with the locales other than suggest China Town or a temple facade. The kung fu movies in China are filmed at a huge movie set. They have the world%26#039;s largest martial arts studios (film) in China.

Good luck.|||OMG, memory lane! I did one with my cousins when we were younger, we had such a good time! My grandpa was some kung fu master. it was hilarious.

Have fun!|||For some good movie ideas, try renting Kung Fu Hustle and Kung Pow, they%26#039;re very funny!|||haha sounds fun!

theres a chinatown in toronto, if that local =]|||JUST GO IN A FORST ANY1 AND FILM IT THERE: )

Anybody else like the Burger King spicey chicken sandwich commercial with the Kung Fu chicken?

As of writing this, September of 2007, there%26#039;s a Burger King commercial running around the TV stations where a wise kung fu teacher is instructing his young fighting fowl student on mastering the strength of his kick which of course has a double meaning in regards to his fighting technique and the strength of the sandwich itself. The great part to me is the final scene where the chicken goes into the kung fu mimic of %26quot;Ohhhhhhh%26quot; after achieving the approval of his trainer.

Does anyone else think this commercial is great in terms of laughter? This will sound condescending, but I usually think most TV and the commercials themselves are quite derivative and banal, but this was definitely quite humorous and orignal. Also, does anyone know if its on YouTube or somewhere I can download it?|||Here it is:|||I agree with VooDooNinja. This is one of the funniest commercials I have ever seen as well and the first time I viewed it I started laughing uncontrollably. That is a reaction I have never had for any tv ad. Report Abuse
|||Yes, that is a cute commercial.

I don%26#039;t eat at BK.|||the new spicy chicken sandwich - just the right amount of kick OhhhhaaaaaaAA

hell ya that commercial kicks a**|||Thats one of the funniest commercials that I%26#039;ve ever seen. After I posted it on you tube, I%26#039;ve seen that it was already on there... lol..

VooDooNinja in the house.

Enjoy!|||Yes, I like it, and I thought that it was funny.

No, I am sorry, but I do not know where to find it on-line.

What is the real way to do the kung fu flip in gears of war 2?

Ok, i have seen countless videos on how to do the gears of war 2 kung fu backflip ive seen like mostly jedi pimps videos and my friend told me that only jedi pimp and his friends know how to do the glitch but does anyone know the real way to do the gears of war 2 kung fu flip|||he was using Action Replays, dont listen to him

Is there a northern dragon kung fu style?

I know the Lung Ying system is from southern China, but is there a northern dragon kung fu system?|||i have found nothing about it, so i would say no.|||I am sure there is. Many years ago, I studied a Korean Style of Shaolin Kung Fu, a five-animal style called Shipagi. One of the animals was the dragon. My friend was the teacher, and unfortunately I have long since lost contact with him. I later learned from a Hung Gar teacher (Master Wu, in Northampton, MA) that the style did originate in northern China. I wish I could tell you more. But don%26#039;t give up. It has to be out there somewhere.

Good Luck and Peace.

VT|||No but there is a Harvey Moy%26#039;s Ninjutsu nearby.|||No, not a dragon style.

There are dragon forms.

I study Mi Zhong Lohan(Lost Track Buddha Palm) under Grand Master Johnny Lee here in Dallas. I learned a dragon form. 168 postures long, 5th degree form. Its called %26quot;Plum Flower coiling dragon double sabre%26quot;

Now, if this is really dragon style, outwardly it would be hard to see, but when you are spinning and when you are slicing you always bring the broadsword to the inside so that way you have continuous attack and no holes or openings. Like the tazmanian devil. So, it has a dragon coiling action, but outward posture wise? eehhhh... the spin moving is the most dragon like thing.

I have seen some other forms with %26quot;dragon%26quot; attached to them, I wouldnt call them an entire style though. There is NO complete dragon style in the Northern System. How many other dragon forms Grandmaster knows... who knows... Im not privy to that. I know there are more though... If there is, its like Norther Eagle claw or seven star mantis, butchered Lohan style kung fu.

They have the same forms as Lohan, but they have been shortened from the Maximum possible extension that allows for training in all attack methods. Its funny, Lohan people know pretty much all of those other styles if they enlighten themselves enough. They were invented from the other.

I havnt seen one, or been told about a complete system, if it existed, its an offshoot of Lohan.

There are forms that are named %26quot;dragon something%26quot;

... thats all I am aware of...


I have to give a persuasive speech and i want to tie it into Kung Fu somehow but my teacher is very picky.?

Can you give me some ideas? If not with kung fu can u give me other ideas.|||Maybe how Kung Fu benefits you educationally (stimulating the brain, remembering steps/moves (sorry I don%26#039;t know what you call them), helping you become more disciplined and respectful, etc.)|||persuasive style means you are trying to %26quot;sell them on it%26#039; and you are often best off to use a subject you love and then it is easier because you already love it. and always when writing first consideration is your audience. You can%26#039;t sell false teeth to children too well, see ?

Does anyone know a place in Brooklyn in which I could learn Kung Fu?

And I mean the kind of Kung Fu that Jackie Chan studied. I heard he went to something called the Peking Opera school, where the training was really tough and people who attended got beat. Are there any places like that in Brooklyn?|||yeah i%26#039;ve been to one. its really tough and you have to have a lot of dedication

Ninja verses kung fu master who would win?

In a non weapons contest between a best Ninja and best Kung Fu master, who would win?|||the better fighter would win. It is not the system that makes the fighter but the fighter that makes the system. Find an excellent trainer, trainer hard, and you may become great|||Kung Fu master, haven%26#039;t you ever watched 36 chambers?|||toaster

What are some fantasy kung fu movies (english) like "the forbidden kingdom"? (10 pts for a good one)

I%26#039;d like to know any fantasy kung fu movies like the movie %26quot;the forbidden kingdom%26quot; I love it and I just wanted to know if there were more. Thanks.|||Kung Fu Panda Lol|||I loved it too! I%26#039;m not sure how many %26quot;fantasy kung fu%26quot; movies are out there.

But I did love Jet Li%26#039;s %26quot;Once Upon a Time In China%26quot; series.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon


These aren%26#039;t English made(just dubbed), but they are amazing anyways. I prefer subtitles. :)|||%26quot;Kung Fu Panda%26quot; (that looks kind of weird)

Movies with Jakie Chan %26amp; Bruce Lee are often very Kung Fuey

Some people like %26quot;Warlords%26quot;

Maybe %26quot;Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon%26quot;

I just found these on the internet|||Not Kung fu . But ninjitsu movie is %26quot;enter the ninja%26quot;|||Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Kung Fu Hustle|||Kung Fu Panda!

Is there anyway to tell if a person knows kung fu?

like by the way they dress or by the way they talk or e.t.c, is there any thing that can make us tell if that person knows kung fu?

instead of them showing fighting techniques, im just saying the ones that dont show it, is there anyway to tell if they know kung fu?|||only if they have a dragon burnt into thier stomach and forearms or they consistently say ahhh oh or thier name is david carridene.

otherwise punch them in the face.|||Who cares if the person knows Kung Fu, as one can know the form of an art without really understanding the substance of the art. If the person goes into chun or %26quot;Iron wire%26quot;. they may have a rudimentary understanding.

If the person has their hands held high and is moving quickly on the balls of their feet, be careful, this person may know how to fight, Kung Fu or not.

Kung Fu people are really very well balanced and tend to adopt unorthodox stances that seem unsound, but for a real student of Kung Fu, second nature.|||How would i know that the person know kung fu.

Lets start at your preferences, the way they dress.

They dress there selves comfortable to move not tight clothes, jugging pants. Just identify that what they are wearing is just very comfortable to them to fight.

By the way they talk, There are two kinds of kung fu

internal and external, when the person you are spying, are you talk at him. determine the words if hard like there is an impact each word, but yet they are calm, it is internal energy,

When a person talk soft and calm, it is an external energy.

when they fight, the use there ears, eyes as fast as lightning, when a kung fu master kicks, they make your eyes blink, so when they kick do not blink your eyes cause after the kick is a punch, that style is like to step like a dragon. why step like a dragon. cause in ancient china dragon means strong with force. you need to step or kick force and followed by a punch.

Here are some rules.

To move as graceful as a cat- the enemy moves like a cat

to step like a dragon- the enemy step with force and punch

to shout like thunder- after the puch they shout like thunder to release their energy and gather a new one.

to be fast as lightning- the moves are lke lightning stroke very fast.

To move like a gust of wind- the enemy moves where is the direction of the wind

to stay like a nail- the enemy is staying like a nail. when he fights he never surrender.

to be as heavy as a mountain- the enemy is trained by stances so that if you push him he may not fall down, just stay on foot

to be as hard as an iron- the enemy cannot fell your attacks.

to be as light as an paper- enemy can cary himself just fingers.

to be as agresive as an tiger- the enemy attacks like tiger, running tiger.|||Yeah there is, if there chinese and very humble. If there chinese and cocky and say they can fight then 99% of the time there taking advantage of their chinese heritage. The chinese that never talk about it, practice the most and most of the time you can%26#039;t tell because they look %26quot;skinny%26quot; but in reality their very powerful and they know how to use %26quot;chi%26quot; to their advantage. A true kung-fu master will never fight unless they have no choice.|||Yes. They will have the branded mark of a tiger on the left forearm and a branded mark of the dragon on their right forearm. They will also have a clean shaven head and wear long orange and black robes. Ha ha ha ha ha.....Just Teasingggg.

There%26#039;s no way to tell. Ask him or her to perform some moves or a kata for you.|||Can you tell by looking if a person knows how to play tennis? How about someone who knows how to water ski? These activities are skills just like Martial Arts. Any one who tells you that they can tell if a person knows Kung Fu just by watching them walk down the street is lying to you.

Good Luck|||Ask them where you can get in touch with them. If they reply in a quiet voice %26quot;Come to Chinatown......Ask for Caine. I will help you.%26quot; --then it%26#039;s a pretty good bet that they know kung-fu. ;-)|||(insert witty comment here).... seriously though.. unless someone has forearms like popeye there isnt a way to tell... and even with that the guy could just as easily be a sailor|||There is no way to tell if a stranger knows Kung Fu or any other martial arts ... until you pick your self up off the ground.

Don%26#039;t mess with strangers .|||Ask them. Otherwise, no.|||Follow them around and see if the go to Kung Fu class.|||Freddy Krueger knew Kung Fu. In Freddy%26#039;s Dead he said how about this Doc?|||if they like kung fu movies, clothes, etc.|||Try to hit them and find out|||if they%26#039;re always quoting confusious and buddha and wear a robe... watch out|||when they kick your @ss

sorry-couldn%26#039;t resist. I%26#039;d have to say no.|||throw a punch at them, then you%26#039;ll know

Any one know where I can find old Kung fu movies?

I was watching old Kung fu movies on you tube and I want to buy some DVDs, Anyone know where I can find them?|||,,|||Check %26quot;taiseng%26quot; and %26quot;hkflix%26quot; websites. I have bought many from both firms. I own nearly 100 Chinese movies made 1973 until recently. Borders Books can get some of them. If you get any Region 3 (Hong Kong) or Region 6 (Red China)movies, you need an all-region DVD player. The %26quot;hkflix%26quot; website sells some. I have one by JVC that will play any DVD in all 9 regions and NTSC or PAL.|||If you live in the UK then visit your local poundland shop they have plenty of 70%26#039;s kung fu movies,obviously for a 拢1 other than that try...

Best wishes :)***||| is a good chioce if you know CHINESE

Where can i learn kung fu in pinellas county FL?

I am a martial artist who has done tae kuan doh, and mui tai. i am interested in learning kung fu.|||I think there are some private teachers up this way|||

they will help you.

Choy Li Fut San Shao Wu Shu

also known as

Kwan Yin Kung Fu San Soo

Do kung fu trousers shrink in the wash?

I bought a pair of kung fu trousers size 3/160 thinking that would be my size, but they come up to my chest. The place I bought it from said it will shrink in the wash, but will they really shrink that much?|||well, i used to do karate, and I%26#039;m pretty sure all of the uniform thingy materials are made of pretty much the same material. And mine didn%26#039;t shrink. So, yeah.

:P|||You have to look at the material, if it is cotton then it will shrink alot, if not then no.|||they will shrink but not that much. They come long like that because people come in different sizes. wash them a couple times and then hem the legs.

How to become a kung-fu fighter?

I only stands flat 5, just a short girl. But I do dream to learn a kung-fu and how to learn to use a sword. How do I learn of it when nobody can help me here? Nobody know%26#039;s kung-fu here in my town too. But I%26#039;m eager to learn. How do I do it? Pls help me . . .|||Rent a bunch of the old Kung fu movies and mimik all the moves. Then grove to the song... Everybody was kung fu fighting. Get your kicks fast as lightning and you will be a true kung fu master!!!|||are you sure nobody in your town at all?

well you could go out and get all of Jackie Chan%26#039;s videos and learn from those.|||Try this web site!

( plz put me on ur best answer!)|||just go to Kung Fu school, you can do it!! go girl!!!|||First, check into what form you want to learn. %26quot;Kung-Fu%26quot; is very broad. There%26#039;s jujutsu, judo, taijutsu, karate, etc. (Using a sword is another form completely.) After that, look online and find an online video store, and find a educational video on the form you decide to follow.|||why be a fighter, why not be a student? Look up Kung Fu Karate, TKD, BJJ, Judo, Krav Maga, Hisardut, and or boxing gym in your area, or simpy go to the YWCA.|||Well you can at least start with some conditioning until you can find a Kung Fu school. Email me if you%26#039;d like some good kung fu conditioning exercises but I must warn you that Kung Fu conditioning is difficult and requires much willpower. You must be willing to give your all and more.|||Watch all the Cynthia Rothrock movies you can rent or purchase.|||First You Must Know The Song %26quot;Kung Fu Fighting%26quot; By Carl Douglas.|||You could start with another martial art which will help you to start training your mind and body. Then hope a kung fu class starts.|||go to kung fu class look on the net

Does kung fu help you understand your body?

Does kung fu help you understand your body and the way it works? Why you%26#039;re able to do certain things over others, does it help with body awareness?|||Kung fu fuses the workings of the mind and body. If you truly understand yourself and your art you will know your body, understand it and be able to use it to its full potential. Certain things come programed into the brain as reflexes. Kung fu helps replace them with more useful reactions.|||Real kung-fu helps you understand your body and is very good for overall physical fitness. Most kung-fu schools have a large repertoire of techniques and forms that are good for other things than fighting. Health, awareness, and so on. Having done Okinawan Karate for over 10+ years I can honestly say that training in a complete traditional kung-fu system is a great experience and offers things that karate can%26#039;t. Understanding your body is a huge quest and a real traditional or %26quot;feudal%26quot; Kung-fu school is a great way to learn about your body and more.|||Any martial art that is taught, studied, and practiced can help with body awareness.|||Yes it can bring an understanding of how your body moves etc depending on the dedication and inteligence you bring to your training.|||It depends on you...

What are the kung fu panda character profiles?

like say the the ages, heights, personalities, etc. Anyway if you know or find anything, email it to me please!

And yes, I%26#039;m a kung fu panda fanatic. :-P|||i absolutely loved this movie|||Voice actor Role Animal

Jack Black Po Giant Panda

Dustin Hoffman Master Shifu Red Panda

Angelina Jolie Master Tigress South China Tiger

Ian McShane Tai Lung Snow Leopard

Seth Rogen -Master Mantis Mantis

Lucy Liu -Master Viper Green Tree Viper

David Cross -Master Crane Red-crowned Crane

Randall Duk -Kim Master Oogway Gal谩pagos Tortoise

James Hong -Mr. Ping Chinese Goose

Dan Fogler- Zeng Chinese Goose

Michael Clarke -Duncan Commander Vachir Javan Rhinoceros

Jackie Chan- Master Monkey Gee%26#039;s Golden Langur

Where can i find a free download of Kung Fu Panda?

i would like to download Kung Fu Panda for free without having to sign up for anything.|||Here it is:|||It was leaked at FileForumz.

If you go there from here of course you%26#039;ll need the latest version of Yahoo tools but I%26#039;m sure you already have that anyway.

Enjoy!|||There are a lot of illegal sites for this, but try

They are legal. Just do a search for that movie, or any other movie you want! ||| caches the files and lets you search and visit links directly!|||limewire


What is the title (name) in which you call a kung fu master?

There%26#039;s a title, I believe it star with an %26quot;s%26quot; in which we use to call a kung fu master. It%26#039;s that word and the the name.

Thanks|||shīfu, Cantonese: si1 fu6) is a Chinese term for a master or teacher. The character 師 means “teacher”. The meaning of 傅 is “tutor” and of 父 “father”, both characters are read fu with the same tones in Cantonese and Mandarin, creating some ambiguity. A similar term often used in the Mandarin north is 老師 lǎo shī (Cantonese lou5 si1). Contextually, it is used in a familial manner as a child addressing a parent by the description %26quot;father%26quot;, rather than a self referenced title seen in modern slang usage. It is also commonly used in a martial arts context to denote an instructional relationship.

However, in the real world I have studied under 3 different masters. The first two we called %26quot;Master%26quot;, but the name we called my teacher in Hong Kong was just, %26quot;Tom%26quot;.|||sensei.

this is followed by the master%26#039;s name.

EX. Sensei Matt.|||sensei is japanese., Maybe if your in japan you%26#039;d call them a master. But for traditional chinese kung fu, you call the teachers and masters %26quot;sifu%26quot;. I%26#039;m not sure if their are special names for higher titles, though.|||Sifuu or Shifuu is the chinese word.

Sensei is japanese.|||Sifu/Shifu (pronounced SEE-foo or SHEE-fu) - Chinese

Sensei (pronounced SENN-say) - Japanese

Sabunim (pronouced SAH-boo-nimm) - Korean

But for any style, regardless of location of origin, Master or Sir (or Ma%26#039;am!) is perfectly acceptable.|||shi fu is the term for chinese martial art. Sensei is Jap. The chinese is prounced as sze fu while the cantonese, teo chew and hokkien are pronounced as see fu. Sensei is also a direct hokkien and teo chew translation of Xian Shen, %26quot;Borned earlier%26quot;. Sensei is refered to a teacher or physician no matter in wat subject. Sensei is also a translated to chinese as lao shi or jiao shi, meaning teacher. But lao shi and jiao shi is more commonly used to refer teachers teaching in a sch. A person training the whole army in olden china are refered to jiao tao, the head instructor.

Shi fu is actually a very general term not just used to call a martial art master. Shifu refers to a person that has many yrs of experience. In China, even cab drivers are called Kai Che Shifu. The chief chef is also commonly called shifu.

If wat u refer as kung fu master is not someone who teaches, you may call him wu zhe or wu shi. A longer term will be lian wu zi ren.|||I think you mean %26quot;Sifu%26quot; or %26quot;Shifu%26quot; (chinese). The most people think this is the translation of the word Master, but the real translation is %26quot;Teacher%26quot;. In the western world when we call our Kung Fu Master, we say %26quot;Sifu%26quot;.

The other word that starts with %26quot;S%26quot; is %26quot;Sensei%26quot;, but this is japanese.

Hope this helps

Sifu Dusan Drazic|||It%26#039;s called %26quot;Sifu%26quot;|||Sifu (%26quot;Shifu%26quot;) is the proper term.

Sifu- Chinese Martial Arts.

Sam-ba-nim- %26quot;Master%26quot; in Korean Martial Arts.

Sensei- %26quot;Teacher%26quot; in Japanese Martial Arts.|||I took Tien Shan Pai Kung Fu for about 3 months in the mid 90s and we called the instructor %26quot;sifu.%26quot;

Can anyone give me advice on studying kung fu in china?

I%26#039;m looking at going to china for a year to study kung fu on Wudan Mountain, iv%26#039;e done other martial arts before but would like to hear whats its like from someone whos done something simmilar|||I%26#039;m doing something similar to that. My gong fu teacher is from Wu Dang, and my sister and I, along with some other students of my father, are studying from him. It%26#039;s hard the first few, well, weeks! Don%26#039;t stop! Don%26#039;t take a break longer than a day! We just took a three day break and started again, and we wanted to barf our guts out. Well, not trying to scare you off, sorry. You have your basic hard core training: frog jumps, splits, duck walk, kicks (oh yes, lots of kicks), and forms! Forms are fun, but time-consuming if you don%26#039;t pay close attention, and I mean close attention. But if you got a can-do, lets-go attitude, and don%26#039;t wimp out like us, you%26#039;ll do fine. Hope you do well on Wudang.

How old should children be before starting Kung Fu?

My nephew has watched Kung Fu Panda and is now in love with Kung Fu....I%26#039;m sure there%26#039;s going to be a lot of kids like this :)|||As a Sensei myself i teach them as young as 5 yrs old|||It really depends on the club

some clubs are just kid based activities were there are 4- 5 year olds running about

obviously they get all there grades and stuff but they dont really learnt that much kung fu. i have watched the kids class before my own and its chaos at times.

if its an adult class that the kid goes to he will probably annoy people that are already there as the adult class may be more physical and demand a greater attention span than some kids can give

1 would say no younger than 10-11 before trying to learn a martial art that is physical (i mean an adult style physicality where you are doing things that can seriously hurt the other guy, not kids hitting each other) but saying that wushu would probable be fine as from what i have seen its not that physical.

I depends on the instructor, but the younger the better really as long as the kid has some attention and wants to do it then let them. i recon 4-5 would be a good age to start|||Children...well, I wish i%26#039;d have been younger when I started. I started just now, two months ago, and I%26#039;m thirteen years old. I REALLY wish I started earlier. I%26#039;m learning real kung fu, not karate, from a Wudang taoist priest. Children should be encouraged to start at 5 years old or in that range.

A priest I know has a 6 year old son who could probably kick my butt at kung fu who practices all the time. It%26#039;s never too late to begin, though.

My father, a taoist priest, encouraged me to learn all the time. I was way too lazy to take him up on it; if the kid is serious, let him learn. It%26#039;s not too early if he%26#039;s above 5 years old.|||I say at least eight, but fictional fighting an real fighting are two differnt things. You have to tell him that, aside from it taking years of training. He must understand this first, I seen these little kids pretending to be swords men an stuff like that an I think to my self that I have to do something, cause I find it offensive cause of my disiplines. But I have to remind myself I just cant go an break someone. If he understands this then do a google shearch for schools in the area.|||there are martial arts schools for young kids.. they are not like the ones for grown ups. they do kung fu by playing games and stuff. very young kids dont have the patience to stan still many minutes and stay in line.

I started martial arts when i turned 7. and i wish that my parents would have put me in a ma school earlier.. when i was 4 or 5|||Yea . A lot of people like that movie but it doesnt condone kids to learn it . Imagine they %26#039;do%26#039; their move to other kids.

If you still insist on teachin em then congratulation. You just made a gangster, vandal, bully and so on.

teach em when they reach certain age at maturity which at that time they%26#039;ll take it as stupid.|||what about this - it may help. I found my training improved whenever I added a few martial arts training. try the martialarm The martial arm is the only martial arts training dummy that offers you complete realism in all your martial arts training. The martial arm moves and twists up, down, left and right just like a real opponent would.|||to take up martial art, by 5 years old, should be ok. but sometimes it depends, as most kinds that age don%26#039;t have much discipline, but its ok to try. most of the time, they will learn discipline and obedience from the class.|||When they are old enough to have the attention span to cope with it and be able to stick at it.

I was 11 when i started and wish i started earlier.

How long would it take to receive a black belt after beginning your first class in kung fu ?

what are the levels in kung fu and tai chi chuan ? are they the same in both martials styles ?|||Jumping the gun a little bit aren%26#039;t you. When training in any martila arts don%26#039;t look to the future. Train on what you are learning now andget down the basics. Take your time. I am 30 years old. I started Taekwondo when I was 12. At 19 I was a red belt black stripe and took Phase one black belt testing. Before I took the final phase a few months later I joined the Army and Started at a new taekwondo school but since I was new at the school I wanted to start as a White Belt. Attained red Belt there and then was Sent to Oklahoma and I started as Guess what?? White Belt again. Then Germany as a White Belt and now I am in Washington and Got out of the Army and when I started Taekwondo here guess what I started as? Yes White Belt.I am not in a rush to get a Black Belt the color really means nothing to me. Since I am going to be in Washington for a while I might as get Black belt while I am here and Also since I have been training for about 18 years. So in closing color of the belt means nothing to a True artist. If thats all you care about then you are taking Martial arts for the wrong reason.|||%26quot;kung fu%26quot; or chinese martial arts don%26#039;t use a %26quot;belt%26quot; system like korean and japanese ones typically do.

those that do go by the same system as those arts are likely bs.

So you will NEVER recieve a black belt from a chinese martial arts system. The standard that a school MIGHT use is a sash system.|||it differs because there%26#039;s a test after each belt. some pass an some don%26#039;t, so they must try the next time.|||If after one class, you%26#039;re looking already to have your black belt (or the highest grade possible), you might get bored in the middle. Martial arts are about personal challenges, personal development and being consistent.

I suggest you to just enjoy your martial art and keep going. In no time you will become good at it and finally, get your highest grade.|||Well, I don%26#039;t know anything about KungFu. But, I think it would at least take five years. You also have to pass your tests.|||I would be extremely suspicous if kung fu people wear a gi and offer black belt.

That would be like as a poser wearing baseball shoes and pants with football chest/shoulder pads and helmet and try to claim they%26#039;re baseball player.|||Rank is very relative to each individual style and school. Do not put emphasis on it, it is merely used as an internal organization system. After-all, when you set about your training is your goal to reach the top rank or simply to improve yourself?

Also, the %26quot;belts%26quot; system is used for Japanese based arts, it comes from Judo. In Kung fu they use %26quot;sashes%26quot;.|||In the martial arts, your advancement is up to you and your teacher, some people advance more quickly than others. Until you reach your black belt in karate, then you must study so many years between advancements. Remember that a black belt signifies that you have only mastered the basics. From there you truly begin to learn. Kung Fu, and Tai Chi Chuan each have many different disciplines invented by different clans, in different provinces or territories. Some of the groups even begin with a black belt which to them signifies darkness or not enlightened, progress to lighter colors until they attain a white belt or enlightenment. By the way, Kung Fu, and Tai Chi Chuan practitioners often wear sashes to signify rank.

What is the best way to talk to people into getting inratasted into joing a kung fu and tai Chi club?

-this club does not train anyone.

-this club is in high school grounds.

-the club will leacture the basics of the history and backround of Kung fu and Tai Chi.

-at the end of the club meeting i would demostrate both martial arts.

-no physical contact will ever be made.|||Often the first step is to educate potential participants.

They need to understand what Kung Fu is and what Tai chi is firstly and the differences between the arts. Initially Kung fu (supposing that the style of kung fu is an external art) will appeal to a different type of person than Tai Chi. Unerstand the group you are targeting for recruitment.

If they are young and energetic a external style of Kung Fu will appeal to them.

If they are older and more mature an internal style will appeal more to them.

Demonstrating both arts is a good point for attaining interest. demonstrating an energetic Kung fu hand form as well as a weapons form will gage lots of interest from spectators. Finishing of with a Tai Chi Short form will offer people a visual way of discerning the differences between the two styles.

Be prepared and do your research you may have a lot of questions asked of you About the differences between Kung Fu and other arts specifically Japanese and Korean arts.

Be prepared to answer questions about street effectiveness, grading, sparring and your school history.

Lastly with your Sifu%26#039;s permission of course, invite potential students to view a beginners class.|||does the sensai have good discipline

Is it just me or does Wing Chun Kung Fu seem really dangerous?

Im looking at studying a martial art, checked some out, and Kung Fu sounds about the deadlyst so far. Bruce Lee studied Wing Chun, and we know how well he did.

Do you know a martial art as sick (quickly and seriously destroying your opponent) as Kung Fu??|||You wanna be great like Bruce Lee so study what he did study. But modern one will do you just good.|||If you%26#039;re interested in Chinese Martial Arts, I would reccomend Shuai Chiao as it kicks ***!|||The most dangerous martial art? As said earlier, it is the artist, not always the art. I studied Kenpo Karate and met some really dangerous folks. I practiced with a Shuai Chiao with a friend and as a tournament fighter and a bar fighter the guy was not touchable...he would hurt you and control you (period). I have meet a guy that was pretty dangerous with Jeet Kun Do (sorry if I spelled that wrong). I further met a guy that studied sword fighting. Even without a sword he was a bad idead to fight. The concepts of good timing, body positioning, strength, power of hits and such translated. In short, which art is the deadliest doesn%26#039;t matter, what matters is what is in your area or what are you willing to travel to study. Then after you know what is in the area, go check it out. If they spar, you%26#039;ll get some experience. If they go fight speed some of the time for techniques, then good.

Best of luck in finding what you are looking for.|||if danger had another meaning it would be ............ no just joking by time you will feel it is becoming easier|||Having completely %26quot;un-vast%26quot; experience with wing chun, mostly through reading two of Bruce Lee%26#039;s books, plus a book on wing chun by a really good author, who seemed to know what he was talking about...

Wing chun is potentially dangerous to the defender who hasn%26#039;t studied it well. The blocking and parrying techniques let the attacker get a lot closer than most of the %26quot;standard%26quot; versions of karate would.

With that being said, it one does wing chun really well, they are blocking and parrying, and at the same time moving the attacker off his center of gravity, and then the response is really devastating.

Remember that Bruce Lee studied more than one art, before deciding to start his own, Jeet Kune Do. So the answer to your last question is that almost any martial art, done really, really well, can destroy an opponent.|||Wing Chun has little to no ground game.

Bruce Lee developed Jeet Kune Do to answer the insufficiencies of Wing Chun.

Wing Chun is taught in a traditional fashion. Lee also found a problem with this because as with any traditional martial art, much time is wasted on moves that are ineffective in street combat.

The only effective martial arts laboratory, if you will, is no holds barred fighting such as UFC or PRIDE.

In the past 15 years these have taught us that the most effective fighting forms are a combination of standup and ground fighting or Mixed Martial Arts.

The ones that have been used most effectively are for standup: Mui Thai, Karate, TKD, boxing


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Japanese Jiu Jitsu, Pankration, Greco-Roman wrestling.

I%26#039;m sure I%26#039;m leaving some out, but Kung Fu in general has had little to no showing in these forums. Few have been successful with it.

Maybe if they allowed eye gouges that could change.|||Try Jeet Kune Do, sense you%26#039;re so interested in Bruce Lee.

If that does not work, try Choi Kwang Do.|||Wing Chun has limitations, but when used properly, it%26#039;s nasty as hell.

Use it as a tie-in or crosstraining art, Pai Lum White Dragon or Choy Li Fut work well as a mix for Wing Chun.

Wing Chun gets a lot of flack, but I%26#039;ve done a little training in it, and I respect the principles it teaches.

Quick, hard, to the point....IF taught correctly. Like all combat arts, make sure to train with a teacher that still remembers he%26#039;s supposed to be teaching a COMBAT art.

Have fun enjoying good old fashioned Gung-Fu training.|||Hehe Wing Chun look so funny and they%26#039;re hella funny to fight, especially when you can punches properly. They rely on you to linger your punch, but if you don%26#039;t they%26#039;re gonna to be in world of hurting. They look like old chinese man trying to ***** slapping.

I really doubt I would be that intimidated by someone who do Wing Chun. Especially someone like this guy who is as height as his width as seen here:

Here%26#039;s a video two Wing Tsun grand master showing how effective their style are hmm... That%26#039;s pretty odd, they end up go to ground so that shoudl tell you something about how effective it is:|||try Jeet-kune-do which is what he invented. Its great. but its hard to find a form like wing chun its been aroudn for along time so its been getting better and better for longer. I have learned many wing-chun techniques as i learn tiger kung-fu. Its hard to kind arts as dealy and as wicked as wing-chun or any otehr type of kung-fu.|||I worked with a guy who studied Wing Chun under one of the number one experts in the US. He studied traditional Wing Chun, as opposed to the more popular %26quot;modified%26quot; Wing Chun.

In summary, it%26#039;s straight-up combat. Fast, hard hitting, and extremely punative. The goal isn%26#039;t inner peace or finding your %26quot;chi%26quot; like other martial arts. The goal is disabling your opponent swiftly and decisively.

The guy I worked with used to come in every week with huge black eyes, bruises to the ribs, knuckles, arms, legs, etc. Every Thursday they did a full contact, street clothes workout so that students were used to using their training for self defense if they ever needed it.|||Yes, I train a Martial Art called Hapkido and it%26#039;s very brutal and potentially deadly. Ultimately it%26#039;s up to the practitioner to decide how much force to use on your attacker though with the best first defence being to remove yourself from the situation. After that with the joint locks and pressure points we learn in Hapkido you can cause you attacker intense pain to convince the person it%26#039;s not in their best interest to continue attacking you. Then failing that, break a bone or joint and so on.|||I%26#039;ll be the first one to admit that I know just about sweet diddly squat about Asian martial arts. However, I am more than checked out on the European styles, especially those of the 14th and 15th centuries.

As such, I would suggest that you pick up the treatises of Fiore Dei Liberi, Sigmund Ringeck and Hans Talhoffer. European medieval hand-to-hand combat, as opposed to armed combat, was extremely brutal and effective, and while there are very few strikes involved in making things work, they do great jobs at destroying limbs and articulations, supposedly as a precursor to a deadly dagger-blow.

A few of the hand-to-hand techniques are lethal, but most will leave just about every opponent unable to fight you after you%26#039;ve executed the move properly.|||Any martial art, if it is used by a skilled practitioner is devestating. It%26#039;s the practitioner, not the style.

Is it true that kung fu is indian origin?

for years, i thought that the chinese were the ones to introduce martial arts and kung fu. but, from what i%26#039;ve read, karate and kung fu originated in india. i%26#039;d like to find out.|||The Shaolin temple holds that Boddhidarma, a southern Indian monk whose home was close to TANJORE KALLAR ANND TAMILLL NADU, was the one who taught the Chinese Buddhists at the Shaolin temple martial arts. However, the unarmed forms of Indian martial arts, and Chinese, are totally different. Here%26#039;s why;

Boddhidarma only taught weapons routines, and several Yoga exercises. The true origin of unarmed fighting comes from war veterans who, seeking refuge from post traumatic stress disorder, went to the Shaolin temple to %26quot;purify their soul.%26quot; They did not call it that back then, nevertheless, soldiers of old knew about the nightmares, and the trauma of war, and because they did not have therapists back then, they had the Buddhist temples and monasteries instead.

Because, largely out of habit, they still practiced with their weapons to pass the time, because they were forbidden by Buddhism to use those weapons, weapons forms were thus adapted for use with the fists, rather than with swords or spears. Indeed if you look at Karate, it is basically fencing with a straight sword, but with fists. Combining modified combat that went from armed to unarmed, with the exercises Boddhidarma showed them, Shaolin Kung Fu was born.

So the answer is both yes, and no. Boddhidarma got them started in it, but the martial arts he taught were largely weapons routines, few of which survive today. And, if you look at Kung Fu routines, and Indian martial arts routines they are completely and totally different. Martial arts are just like people%26#039;s genetics; you look like your mother or father, because you carry their genes. Okinawan Karate looks like Fujian Crane style, because Karate carries Fujian Crane style%26#039;s %26quot;genes,%26quot; that is, its techniques.

There is no denying that Boddhidarma pointed out the importance of martial arts training even for pacifist monks, as that was the reality and cruelty of the world. However, he by himself did not bring all of the unarmed forms as some people believe it WAS from him however, that Shaolin Kung Fu and other arts thereafter, got the horse stance, the idea of throwing punches from the hip, and the idea of using meditation to supplement martial arts training, but what he taught ended there. All other unarmed forms, the Chinese developed themselves.

Hope that helps.|||Wrong. Historic sources show that even before that Indian monk came there were already earlier records of Chinese martial arts skills. Report Abuse
|||OK. Some of you touched base on some of the old %26quot;original%26quot; systems of combat, but still are missing out.

Kalaripayattu is the oldest Indian martial art dating back some 2000 years, and is what some %26quot;proclaim%26quot; to have been the precursor to Gung Fu.

Pankration dates a little farther than that to the time of Mesopotamia (approx. 5000 or later BC).

There are also records of organized fighting systems in China at that time as the guy above me mentioned. Though this is also before the Yellow Emperor (approx. 2600BC) even though he set out to clean up and organize the country.

The beliefs that it all started from one single place are just rumor, and are an easier way of stating something that had to be extensively researched to be made clear. (Not many people wanted to do the hard work.)

Okinawa Te has had a few recent discoveries about itself that lead to it actually being older than the first popular accounts of Chinese Gung Fu.

The point and big picture here is that the only %26quot;Oldest%26quot; known organized system is that of Pankration developed in Mesopotamia/Sumeria (The OLDEST KNOWN civilization). That said the world has studied and developed fighting systems ever since there has been a need to kill for land, food, women, status, and pride. Some cultures developed faster than others and have influenced those in need and in turn been influenced by the different methods of thinking, but they were sadly... NOT the creater of everything.

I hope this helps clear things up.|||Kung Fu did originate from China... According to legend, the reign of the Yellow Emperor (Huangdi, traditional date of ascension to the throne, 2698 BC) introduced the earliest forms of martial arts to China. The Yellow Emperor is described as a famous general who, before becoming China鈥檚 leader, wrote lengthy treatises on medicine, astrology and the martial arts. He allegedly developed the practice of jiao di or horn-butting and utilized it in war.

Karate began as a fighting system known as %26quot;ti%26quot; (or %26quot;te%26quot;) among the pechin class of the Ryukyuans. During the Taira-Minamoto war, some samurai from the Minamoto clan arrived in Okinawa from Japan and became allies with the Ryukyuan nobles. The samurai may have taught their new allies the martial art of Daito-ryu aiki-jujutsu which the pechin could have combined with their own fighting system. After trade relationships were established with the Ming dinasty China by Chuzan King Satto in 1372, many forms of Chinese martial arts were introduced to Ryukyu Islands by the visitors from China, mainly Fujian Province. A group of 36 Chinese families moved to Okinawa around 1392 for the purpose of cultural exchange. The political centralization of Okinawa by King Shohashi in 1429 and the %26#039;Policy of Banning Weapons,%26#039; enforced in Okinawa after the invasion of the Shimazu clan in 1609, are also factors that furthered the development of Okinawan unarmed combat techniques.|||Bodhidharma a Buddhist monk from India travelled to China to check on his religion there in the 6th Century. He even visited the emperor, and he told everyone that their Buddhist observances were not so good. He went to the Shaolin (Young Forest) Chan Buddhist temple to teach there. The monks feared a foreigner, so they refused to admit him. For weeks, he sat near the gate staring at the wall in a lotus meditation posture. Eventually, his gaze bored a hole through the wall, and the monks knew he was indeed a holy man, so they allowed him to enter, at last. He soon saw they were weak and could not meditate for long periods, so he taught them exercises based upon the movements of animals he had observed on his long trip. He also wnted them to be able to defend themselves without weapons. This led to the 5 animal styles of Shaolin martial arts: tiger, leopard, crane, snake and dragon. %26quot;That Guy%26quot; is incorrect. Zen is the Japanese version of Chan Buddhism, and Shorin is the Japanese name for Shaolin. I have studied Japanese Shorin Ji Kempo and the Chinese Shaolin 5 animals and 5 families styles.|||A part of it is. Ancient Yoga techniques were taught By an Indian Buddhist Monk called Bodhidharma to the chinese Monks who were very weak. This was for them to be physically fit. The chinese monks then Intergrated this system with their Kung fu (which the chinese created) and created shaolin kung fu. And yes karate did come from a certain type of kung fu. It is unknown whether indian techniques had any influence on that kung fu (the one which karate is derived from) , therfore it cannot be assured that karate originated in india|||If u talking about origin of kung fu, it originated from china,

but the style of the martial arts indeed learn from bodhidarma around 500 A.D

if u talking about the origin of martial arts, no one is able to determine, which one is the first to introduce it.....


coz both of them has the style on each own.....|||I have heard the Devil%26#039;s story, and would like to add that I have even seen some kind of traditional martial art being practised by Tamil people. So, any Indian relative of Kung-Fu is specifically South Indian, and thus quite ancient. But who can say which relative is the oldest? These things certainly go back further than Buddhism.|||Yea, I%26#039;ve done some research so I know all about this.

It all started with an Indian monk named Bodhidharma. He traveled to China to spread his teachings on Zen Buddhism. When he found the monks were too physically unfit for his regime, he began training them in a series of exercises. Which became known as ( i believe ) Shorinji Kempo. It spread all over China, and has influenced martial arts all around.|||The Boddidharma, a disciple of Mahayana Buddhism moved from India to China and founded a monastery there. His training methods are believed to have been the ancestor of Shaolin Temple Boxing whose decent styles came to be known as kung fu, wushu, and chinese boxing.|||the father of all martial arts is pankration, which is greek. then came indonesian silat , followed by kun tao and kung fu . isn%26#039;t history fun?|||Yes. Even karate was of indian origin. It spread to japan. But it became extinct in India just like buddhism.|||i always though kung fu originated in the shaolin temples where monks practised the leathal art. I%26#039;m pretty sure thats the truth.|||Yes it is origin from India......|||thats not true it actully devoloped in Japan, I%26#039;m in karate so i know some things.||| india the call it silambam...

kung fu are from korea...

Are there any Gyms where I can learn the 5 animal styles of Kung Fu in The Oakland County Area in Michigan?

I am a Martial Art fanatic, I%26#039;ve gone to learn Boxing, Basic concept of Muay Thai, Brazilian JuJitsu, and Submission Wrestling. I am now interested in learning Kung Fu...Does anyone know where I can find a gym to learn the 5 styles of Kung Fu?|||china?

What kind of animal is Shi Fu, from Kung Fu Panda?

My mom and I were watching Kung Fu Panda, and we could not figure out what type of animal Shi Fu was. I think he is some kind of rodent. Like a squirrel or some type. I tried looking on the official site, but it does not say.|||well i think he looks like a red panda!!!

red panda is not rodent...

Red Panda

Shi Fu


they both have mouth open XD ~ cute!!!


red panda can be find in China and eats bamboo, but not a panda.|||i think he%26#039;s a red panda.

a close relative of raccoons.|||he is a panda|||An animation Creation

What's the difference in tae kwon do and kung fu?

My daughter is taking tae kwon do and we are moving out of state and they only have a kung fu class around that area. Is it kinda the same?|||As other have said, TKD is Korean and Kung Fu is Chinese. In my personal opinion Kung Fu is better than TKD.

Since TKD became an olympic sport, they focus more on the competition aspect of it, and Kung Fu focuses more on the tradition of the martial art.

For me TKD is not a martial art anymore, it%26#039;s rather a sport. They don%26#039;t use their arms too much to block or punch, they mostly use their legs. They do get a lot of flexibility. Also, their forms (or kata as the japanese call them) are way easier and shorter than the kung fu forms. The KF forms are longer, faster and more complicated, but they look beautiful and are good for self defense.

Kung fu has lots of different styles. You can find acrobatic styles, like wu shu. Or, more solid and strong styles like Hung Gar, or faster styles like Choy Li Fut.

Do you know what style of kung fu your daughter will practice?

But besides the diferences between each martial art (or any other sport), one of the main aspects to look at is the teacher. To see if he practices a real martial art, you need to do some research on the school, the style, where he/she learned, how long he%26#039;s been practicing, etc...

Good luck.|||Tae kwon do is korean p ussy

Kung Fu is chinese p ussy

both very tasty (^_^)|||I do Kung Fu along with my kids. When my son was younger he did Tae Kwon Do. At my Dojo there are more kids going to the KIds classes then Adults going to the Adult classes. Tae Kwon Do is a lot of kicking and unless you are very good at it it is not as good as Kung Fu for self defence. My son likes the Kung Fu better then doing the Tae Kwon Do even thou he had to start over as white belt. Alot of it will depend on how the instrustor is and his teaching style, If he/she is good then your Daughter should enjoy it alot.|||Tae Kwon Do, (Korean martial art) is more based or kicking your opponent. It is much more violent than Kung Fu (Chinese) which teaches you how to listen to your own body, and how to control yourself. Tae Kwon Do is meant for war and killing while kung fu is meant for peace and self defense.|||Tae kwon do is Korean, Kung Fu is Chinese.|||Change to Mauy Thai kickboxing because it%26#039;s actually something she could use in a real fight. Kung Fu, Karate and TKD suck and she will get beat up in a real fight, but if it%26#039;s just the exercise she wants than they are all just fine.|||Tae kwon do is from korea and has more leg exercise than kung fu

kung fu is chinese and more acrobatic workouts|||The forms are very different Tae Kwon Do is mainly a tournament style; it%26#039;s not actually designed for fighting... Kung Fu is based more on fluidity and tends to be more complicated. Though I%26#039;m sure your daughter will enjoy kung fu as much if not more the tae kwon do as long as she realizes that she%26#039;s basically starting over.|||For what it is worth the latest few responses are correct: TKD, in the americanize version, is a sport and not much use for self-defense. Kung Fu is more complicated, requires more understanding, but this will make it just as enjoyable for her. The key here is to also look at the school/instructor, how they teach, etc.

But give it a shot...she probably will enjoy it.

Be aware that Neko is totally incorrect.|||i dont know|||Tae Kwan doe is the Korean sport version of Tang soo do.

Kung-fu is chinese in orgin. It has more to do with balance, diversion of negeative energies (Someone punching at you) and depending on the style of Kung-Fu it may be more aggressive, counter-striking, defensive. If available I would suggest Praying Mantis style, though it is not the caliber of kicks and strykes one sees in TKD it will develop a great balance and utilizes more locking and joint manipulation.

Am I able to return Kung Fu Panda and Indiana Jones at best buy and get store credit?

I am getting the X-box 360 and it comes with Kung fu panda and indiana jones, am i able to return both of those games and get store credit to buy another game?|||yes u can that wuld be a good idea thats what i did|||No because it comes with the package. Just think about it, when they scan the barcode it%26#039;s only on the Xbox, not on both of the games too!|||If its an open item, you can%26#039;t via store policies. But if its still sealed I think you can.|||you%26#039;re thinking of Gamestop|||just call the store and ask|||not if it came with the game

Does anyone have karate and kung fu reflexes?

I take karate and kung-fu and if someone sneaks up on me and scares me I tend to use the stuff I learned as a defense reflex. How do I get that to stop? Any ideas?|||That%26#039;s the ultimate goal of your training, to be able to recall your techniques and apply them instantly when confronted.

I would personally work more on control to identify real threats and stop a technique before harming someone who isn%26#039;t a threat at all.

Instictive reaction=good, limited to no threat level judgement=bad.|||Actually you don%26#039;t want that to stop. That is called %26#039;muscle memory%26#039; and is what you train for years to achieve.

Your karate and kung fu relexes should be second nature.

But what you seem to need to work is your %26#039;control%26#039;. Karate used to teach %26#039;focus%26#039; and control. Now is the time for %26#039;dynamic meditation%26#039; through much kata practice. This should help keep your muscle memory under control.|||ha, i remember when i used to do karate this happened too.

If somebody jumped out to scare me i went straight into stance and generally clicked when my fist was a few inches from hitting them. people learned quick not to try and scare me.

Although it did happen once again several years after stopping karate, a girl i know went to hit me, and i mean really hit me, i probably deserved it though. Anyway by the time i realised what i was doing I%26#039;d caught her wrist as she%26#039;d gone to punch twisted her arm round and pushed her away from me, she ended up bent over on the bed in front of me and even more pissed then before.

I was still confused and then got hit without even realising what%26#039;d happened.


its a good thing to have those reactions from a martial arts point of view, as far as stopping it goes i can%26#039;t be of amazing help because i had the problem too, its generally a case of realisation, i still jump into stance, but i have a realisation that the moment somebody jumps out etc i get a strange sensation, before things happened to fast and i never noticed it, now i notice it a bit more as a change and use that to kind%26#039;ve snap myself out of it.

|||Warn people not to sneak up on you. Tell them you have a very volatile and unpredictable response to being startled.

It would be wise NOT to say its because your a martial artist; As this just seems to encourage people to test you (like its some sorta game).

Be clear about not wanting hurt people you care about, but remember to maintain humility on the subject.

|||Just warn whoever it is to not sneak up on you like that, and tell them you can%26#039;t be responsible if your fist hits before your brain kicks into gear.

I want to be a kung fu master, is it too late?

I want to become a kung fu master, but I%26#039;m 50 years old.

I%26#039;m in good physical shape. 5 feet 8 inches and weigh 160 pounds. Exercises daily, and my only physical defect is a repaired right ACL which I tore in a ski accident.

I%26#039;m not very diciplined though and get bored with stuff quickly, but I have high pain tolerance.

Do I have a chance of becoming a kung fu master?|||Not to be discouraging but your answer is %26quot;No%26quot;. Realistically if you have difficulty staying focused and you get bored quickly you would never achieve the level that you aspire to. To be a master you have to practice techniques over and over until they are as natural as breathing. A lot of study, blood, sweat and tears and tons of the mundane are involved over years.

A high pain tolerance doesn%26#039;t mean anything. It takes a whole lot more than that.

I would suggest training. I think you will find it will have a positive effect in your life.|||of corse yuo do. anyone can if they train like they mean it. depending on the studio you chose there might be a adult class. in these classes the instructor can work with the adults and help them be successful in martial arts instead of having to focus on kids. it would probably be a good idea to go to these classes to get the most out of your training. so basically try to attend the adult classes more often then the junior ones.|||Hey cdkvisio you should use spell check or else DISCIPLINE yourself to check your own spelling, what a moron!!!|||anything is possible, are you asking this question because your bored, if so give up now ,if not look forward to a minimum of 20 years hard work . without a very good sifu/sensei it will take a lot longer.good luck|||Why not master your life, then you have as kung fu is simply great accomplishment. So achieve some great accomplishment. Kung Fu is not a fighting style to learn, it is an achievement to earn. Kung Fu means Great Accomplishment.

Now a certain style, well it is not the quanity, but rather the quality that makes one master a certain Way. You can get a Master on Paper that will get trashed every time by a lesser belt that has Mastered their moves while the Master has a piece of paper. It is like saying %26quot; I am a Black Belt %26quot; and others assuming you can then fight good. Not always true.

I have met many Black belts that had papers to prove their rank, but skills that showed much less. And I have met Purple and Blue Belts that will amaze you. Style, teacher, Student, and other factors all matter.

In Kung Fu San Soo ( Tsoi Li Ho Fut Hung Ga San Shao Wu Shu ) you can earn a Black Belt in 3 years of study, each year in study is then 1 degree, after 7 years or degrees your a master ranking. A total of 10 years is the facts.

White to Yellow belt 3 to 5 months, Yellow to Green 9 months to 1 year, Brown belt 2 years and Black in 3.

1 year for each degree after Black Belt

10 degrees possible|||If you are not diciplined you should never become kung fu master. First dicipline yourself . Age is not a big problem.|||I ask myself this question all the time, I have 10 yrs. training off and on and am turned 50 in 2 more months. I get burned out w/ it sometimes, I also have the problem that I don%26#039;t like training in a school situation. They try and force you to do tournaments and use up training time playing warm up games and push-ups and stuff you already know. After all the the bowing down I had to do, i just started training on my own w/ DVDs. I know this is not better than than training w/ many partners, but really at my age and what I%26#039;ve been through on money it just makes sense to me. No, I don%26#039;t think I can be a full fledged master, but I can still develop a very high level of skill by doing it this way, my advice to you is train everyday even if it is a little bit, let your body dictate how hard, do not quit.|||Yes, it is too late.

No, you don%26#039;t have a chance of becoming a kung fu master, you can still train and learn alot though.

good luck!|||You say you are 50 but I have seen a few of your questions.

You seem more like 15. That%26#039;s the impression I got from all the questions.|||well im not sure about master but as long as you try hard you should be able to achieve a good level of kung fu.|||Why not? Worst that will happen is you don%26#039;t get to that level.|||You need to start now. Yes you can do it. I started at your age. I haven%26#039;t made master yet and probably won%26#039;t. I spend too much time on students and not enough on myself. I will be going for my second deg. Tae Kwan Do next summer. I will be 64. I prefer it that way though. My instructor relay deserves master much more than I do. You can in some arts be called a master once you have achieved a high enough rank before you become 60 years old. and hold that rank on your 60%26#039;th birthday. So I was told. Training will make you feel much younger. Go for it. Remember it is all about the journey not the destination. We are all headed to the same destination.

Where can I get me there one of those Buddhist Palm Kung Fu books?

I would like to create world peace.

Or maybe it won%26#039;t work unless I am a 1 in a million kung fu genius?|||In a movie. or maybe a homeless bum will jump out and hand you one if you are the chosen.|||Also AMAZON also search monk fist boxing.|||ebay|||Try asking Stephen Chow.|||I%26#039;m taking that you watch Kung Fu Hustle the other night on SPIKE, huh? Screw world peace. go for world domination and then you could create your own kind of worl peace. Anyways, according to Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber, even with a 1 in a million still have a chance! try

What is the right age to start Kung-Fu training?

I%26#039;m 17, and I%26#039;m very interested in taking up a martial arts discipline such as Kung-Fu, but I worry that I%26#039;m too old to start, considering I probably won%26#039;t be able to do it until I%26#039;m 18 and have my own money to spend on it... I was just wondering if it is as easy to find classes for adults as it is for children? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but thanks for your help...|||Its even easier when your an adult to get real training from a credible facility. This is because most real facilities require you to be 18 or older to even be considered. The places that take anyone are just trying to make a buck. Look for a place that has strict admissions, where you will have to interview to be considered as a student (I would recommend wing chun discipline). You will find the best training there. Not a dumb question at all friend.|||Too old? No way too old, man! I%26#039;ve known cats that started in their late 20%26#039;s. Your age is a pretty good one to start because you%26#039;ll be allowed to learn the scarier more effective techniques that aren%26#039;t taught to minors. In the style I studied, you can%26#039;t have a black belt until you%26#039;re 18. With kids, we teach predominantly forms, weapon forms, and minor takedown and self defense techniques. Good luck, bruddah.|||You are at a perfect age, but if you train in a kung fu system it may take longer to learn than TKD, and other non Chinese systems. %26quot;Soft%26quot; systems like Ba-Gua,Tai Chi take even longer to learn but they will be well worth it. Just be patient.|||alright you can never really be %26quot;too%26quot; old to learn kung fu i have been training martial arts all of my life i can tell you a great school in richardson if u live in that area but back to the subject u can learn martial arts at any age so go for it dude!!!!!!!|||For the internal martial arts, one should be AT LEAST at the age of cognizance.

.|||No time but the present will do...of course youthful vigor and flexibility doesn%26#039;t make up for age old trickery...This is a quote from one of my teachers. He didn%26#039;t start until he was in the military at 18. He passed away 2 years ago at 83. It matters only at how long you stay on the trail...getting there though is half the battle...good luck...

Sensei Strickler|||This is not a dumb question dude.

I started training in Wing Chun when I was 22. Often I would reflect and think to myself that I wished that I had started earlier but then I realised that in order for me to get to the place that I needed to be in to be a dedicated Wing Chun practioner I had to wait until then, if I had discovered it even 6 months before I did then I don%26#039;t believe I would still be doing it today due to my priorities at the time.

Also beare this in mind...

If it is going to take you a week to get somewhere and you start today then next week you will be where you wanted to be today. But if you put it off for a week because it seems to far away then next week you will still be a week away from your destination.|||now|||The earlier the better. Remember if you start kung fu at age 17 then other 17 year olds who started at age 6 will have 11 years of experience over you.|||Actually you are at a perfect age to begin training. your body is still in the developmental stage. You will gain much balance and coordination as well as strength. It will be something that you will not regret. But definitely take it seriously and try your best to continue the program in which you get involved in. Try to join classes with those that are around the same age or older than you!|||17 is a perfect age to start training, your body is almost grown so tendons will develop and build your kung fu structure by the time your 21. You will benifit greatly as your body will be moulded to what you are trying to acheive, the perfect body mechanics for kung fu. I feel there is you can never be to old to train, aslong as you are willing to that is all that should matter. Have you thought of what style to persue. If you have not already decide do a web search for these classes in your area!

chow gar, pak hok, lung ying, bak mei and hung gar.

Good luck|||Well i have begining with 8 year old, now i have 14 i trainning karate on mondeys and frideys.

So i think u are ready.

good luck!|||The only dumb question is the question not asked. Teenage years are still very young! The earlier you get into martial arts the better but still. You know David Carradine from the two Kung -Fu shows? He didn%26#039;t start doing Kung Fu until the middle or end of the show. While filming he just learned what he had to and then he loved it so much he started taking classes and now he%26#039;s been doing it for around 30 years! It%26#039;s never too late to start! Good Luck!

Is Kung Fu really effective in a sticky situation?

Many teenagers (boys) enjoy to fight and %26#039;murk%26#039; other boys, these are normally chosen randomly, I live in a rough area and go to a rough school, I am not very strong either compared to these tough guys whom hate me for no reason, if I learned Kung-Fu, possibly a specific type, could I overcome them in a fight?

Daniel.|||Kung fu is a wonderful art. To tell you what style, it depends on what you are more comfortable with. Southern kung fu requires low stances and focuses on punching while northern kung fu focuses on kicking although it has many punching techniques. I study northern shaolin kung fu and i would recommend it. Also, see if it includes chin-na (joint locking) as this can be very useful. An example of this is if someone grabs your wrist, use your free hand to hold his hand on your wrist and move your hand inward and push on the top of the other persons wrist to put pressure on it (hopefully this makes sense).

Kung fu also strenghens your mind and will teach you to try to not fight and to use your energy wisely.

Hope this helps .|||I would suggest Kung Fu San Soo.

Kung Fu San Soo is a traditional and practical combat art.

According to %26quot;Inside Kung Fu Magazine%26quot;:

This is not a spectator sport. San Soo is a savagely effective fighting style that trains the warrior to instantly adapt to any combat situation. First, you have the brutally effective fighting style of kung-fu san soo, founded by grandmaster Jimmy H. Woo, a style that is popularly associated with the phrase, %26quot;Tread lightly, and carry a big stick.%26quot; This is not a sport or a game, but a warrior discipline. While some martial arts styles focus on a specific technique - as with judo for throws and karate for kicks and punches - san soo teaches the full family of techniques, which allows the fighter to adjust their style according to the situation they are in. The punches and kicks, the leverages, the nerve attacks, the takedowns - all directed to vital parts of the body - are executed in a perfect rhythm that can make the flow of movement compelling, even beautiful, to witness. But at its very core is also a raw brutality that emphasizes the san soo focus on self-defense.

%26quot;San soo is to the point,%26quot; describes Frater. %26quot;You go for the most critical, vulnerable points of the body. You eye gouge, you bite, you try to kick the joints out; you do things as brutally as you possibly can to get to the end of the fight as quickly as possible. Maximum results with minimal effort.%26quot;|||My opinion is: dont be let down just because you dont know kung fu.

If you dont think you can overcome them if you didnt learn it then learn it because then your mind thinks you can overcome them which means you%26#039;ll have more encouragement :D

But dont think just because you know kung fu you can just take down anybody (if you didnt already) because you have to train up your body to meet the requirements e.g. no point in learning how to fight if you didnt have the stamina to last a minute.

So i would advise you to train your body as well:D

Also, you should only attempt to fight these boys when they attack you first if you just go up to them and start attacking them they might get more people to get you the next day or something.

But on the otherhand maybe you dont need to take down these boys just because they hassle you. Have you tried talking to them? ( I know youll probably hear this from most people you tlak to but maybe it will work) or tried avoiding them until they dont hassle you anymore.

P.S i think you should learn kung fu even if your not going to use it in a fight because its good for the body and who knows when you going to need it?|||Kung Fu is a very effective martial art and would most likely significantly improve your chances of success if you got in a fight with these kids. Not only that, but just about any martial art increases your confidence and improves your self-esteem. I was bullied a lot in school (including high school) until I took martial arts and the bullying died quickly because I learned how to act confident and calm. Kung fu will hopefully not only teach you to fight physically but also explain how body language and psychological factors play into situation of violence and bullying.

Be sure to find a studio that teaches what you are looking for and is practical.

Best of luck.|||No, you wouldn%26#039;t, Kung Fu gives you skill but not confidence, you are relying too heavily on the art and not enough on yourself, to truly overcome them, you must believe that you can defeat them. if you must, a good martial art for many enemies at once would be Elephant, but seeing as my Sifu is the only man within a 2000 mile radius that teaches it, I%26#039;d go with Taekwondo for multiple enemies, not Gongfu.|||Learning kung-fu will definitely make you faster and stronger. Anyone with experience in combat will have an advantage over them. It can definitely help you get out of a tough situation. However, it is not good to engage in a street fight.

Best solution for a street fight: Block and back up and retreat|||yeah i think you should learn some kung fu. it will help you a bit if you get into a fight but you best defence would be to not be there at all. cant get beaten up if you are not there... so try avoid them. and dont fight unless there is no way for you to escape.|||I learned kickboxing and Karate and boxing. And when it came down to fighting in the street, it was more wrestling than anything else. But i use my hands more than my legs so i think boxing is the better sport. Try to avoid those idiots