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Question: What style of Kung fu did they teach and practice?

in the movie: KUNG FU PANDA?|||I%26#039;m not exactly sure since i haven%26#039;t seen the movie, but from what i saw from the trailers they practically say they do five animals style.|||Wait, they didn%26#039;t make a mockery of it in %26quot;Shaolin Soccer%26quot; and %26quot;Kung Fu Hustle%26quot;? And you should see some of the Hong Kong action TV they import here in S.Korea; its all wire-work and special effects. How can anybody take that seriously?

Christianity survived %26quot;Monty Python%26#039;s Life of Brian%26quot;, The art of Kung Fu will survive a kid%26#039;s movie. Stop whinging.|||Kung Fu Panda mocks the tradition of gung fu.

but they derived the xaolin five animal system, and turned it into a cartoon.

So stupid|||It%26#039;s actually a mixture......

Can someone help me pick a kung fu style?

I am currently 18 and i am really interested in learning a kung fu style however i dont know the aspects of many of the styles can someone help me out here?|||For self defence I%26#039;d suggest wing chun :)***|||Good Northern Systems include Hsing I and Bagua Zhang as well as Tai Chi if its taught correctly. Shaolin is also a good northern system.

Southern systems like Choi Gar, Hung Gar, Jook Lum, and wing Chun are also good systems.

The differences are in the way that the regional systems gain power.

Northern systems depend on strong rooting and foot work.

Southern systems rely on a more of a wiping/ snapping power.

Both are good

Good Luck|||If you like to jump and do more flying kicks and such, try Northern Shaolin styles. If you want to focus more on strength and balance, do Southern Shaolin. I%26#039;ve studied various styles of Kung Fu for many years, but primarily Southern Shaolin.|||Northern- Shaolin and Tai Chi. Shaolin is usually high acrobatic kicks. Tae Kwan Do originated from this. Shaolin Uses a lot of Animal forms.

Southern- Wing Chun, Praying Mantis, etc. Usually uses hands and is more realistic and more based on fighting aspects.|||kung fu is a specific style mang.

if kung fu is what your looking for you can also look into ninjitsu.

google martial art styles and find one accordingly|||Not exactly what you are asking but this may help martial arts directory by location.

What's a good gift for a 5 year old boy who likes Spiderman, Batman, and Kung Fu Panda?

I am invited to my friends sons 5th birthday party and I have no clue what to get him for a gift! I know he loves that new movie Kung Fu Panda that is out.. I also know that he likes Spiderman and Batman. Anyone have any ideas? I wanted to spend around $15 to $20.|||Pick up the spider-man movie action figures. Those things are the PERFECT spider-man toy ( and i know, i collected a LOT of marvel figures. Marvel legends is the best, but i didn%26#039;t like the spider-man figure from that line ). Theres this black costumed spider-man who comes with a hang glider, you might want to pick that up too ( That is my favorite version, as it is molded from the movie toys, only painted black with a silver spider )

for batman toys, the new line they have that comes with building a figure ( theres penguin, red tornado, etc. the pieces construct whats-his-face, the elemental guy ) is the BEST batman toy i%26#039;ve picked up. Period.|||LEGO has both Spiderman %26amp; Batman building sets. They are fun and learning toys.|||Buy him the action figures.

Where is the in game cheats menu for kung fu panda?

where is the %26quot;in game cheats menu%26quot; on the kung fu panda xbox 360 game?

and how do i get to it?|||Effect: 4x Damage Multiplyer.

When: Enter this code under the Cheats in the Extra menu.

How: Press Up, Down, Up, Right, Left

Effect: Gives you infinite chi.

When: Enter this code under the Cheats in the Extra menu.

How: Press: Down, Right, Left, Up, Down

Effect: Po wears a dragon warrior outfit and additional move set (in multiplayer).

When: Enter this code under the Cheats in the Extra menu.

How: Press: Left, Down, Right, Left, Up

Effect: Obtain all outfits.

When: Enter this code under the Cheats in the Extra menu.

How: Press: Right, Left, Down, Up, Right

Effect: Obtain full upgrades.

When: Enter this code under the Cheats in the Extra menu.

How: Press: Left, Right, Down, Left, Up

Effect: Unlock all multiplayer characters.

When: Enter this code under the Cheats in the Extra menu.

How: Press: Left, Down, Left, Right, Down

Effect: Invincibility (in story mode)

When: Enter this code under the Cheats in the Extra menu.

How: Press: Down, Down, Right, Up, Left

That%26#039;s all i know. My name is Hafiz

I can't decide between Kung Fu or Gymnastics, does Kung Fu has the same abilities that Gymnastics has?

Or even more better and develop?

What ability will someone gain if they practice Gymnastics and in the other hand Kung Fu?|||no. Kung Fu is like Yoga. to be healthy and usually to clear you mind. gymnastics is to be flexible. i think Kung Fu is better. if you do practice both thats great!! you will know how to be flexible and to be healthy!!|||Gymnastics is better for become more flexible and gaining more endurance, as far as being able to run longer periods without having to stop goes, also better for losing weight. Kung Fu is better for self-defense in a fight obviously and is better for gaining muscle and hand-eye coordination

Would it be ok for a Korean person to learn Kung Fu rather than TKD?

Seems bad that I want to learn Kung Fu rather than TKD. I%26#039;m not sure what to choose.|||Train in Kung fu, do Sanshou / Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing). It is a

mixture of Kickboxing, Wrestling and Judo (Very effective). Even the

Chinese military use it.|||If you want to do kung fu then do kung fu. The only thing that brings race in to martial arts is people. Do not let such petty people interfere with you and what you wish to do|||Of course it%26#039;s okay.

Kung Fu is much better than Taekwondo and I would recommend you to take up Kung Fu instead.|||Learn whatever you want. It%26#039;s a free country.|||If you plan on doing Kung Fu, do Sanda/Sanshou if you actually want to learn how to fight. I%26#039;d trust my safety on the street with Sanda ten times more than TKD, no matter what.|||I am afraid U have been tainted by traditionalists. There is no nationality 2 combat.@ this point in history,U have the option of any martial art regardless of your race.What U need 2 look in2 more so is what your goal is 4 learning the art.Some concentrate on flowery kicks,some on healing,some on joint manipulation,some on redirection.Figure out your goal %26amp; 4get nationality.|||i%26#039;m learning Tang soo do and Kenpo.. basically If want to learn Kung Fu rather than TKD, then go for it... it doesn%26#039;t really matter what ppl say, as long you enjoy the Art...|||Nothing wrong. But I understand you. I%26#039;m Japanese and I practice Japanese martial arts; not because I%26#039;m racist, but because I like Japanese martial arts and appreciate the culture.

However if YOU want to do Kung Fu, it%26#039;s your choice and you shouldn%26#039;t let racial bias interfere with your decisions. What you want to do comes first.

Oh and how many white people practice Asian martial arts in this world? Countless.|||this depends on how traditional your family is. so family get insulated if you go to another countries martial arts system, while others could care less.

if you are very close with your parents and/or siblings and you think you need there approval for it. then you should ask them.

I have had Chinese and Korean students that had to stop because of the pressure they were getting from there families. while other didn%26#039;t have an issue with it.

so it all comes down to how close you are with your family and who, traditional they are.

When does Kung Fu Panda come out on DVD?

I want to buy Kung Fu Panda for my friend and her birthday is August 24. Can I buy it on time for her birthday, or will it have to be a belated birthday present? Also, how much are DVDs these days? I haven%26#039;t bought one for a while.|||The DVD will come out on November 11, 2008. New releases on DVD are about $25. If your friend likes Kung Fu Panda, maybe another animated movie will be good for him/her. Maybe Bee Movie, Shrek 1, 2 or the Third, Flushed Away, stuff like that. They%26#039;re all great animated movies :D Hopes this helps.|||It will not be out on Dvd in time. The movie came out in May or June and it usually takes up to 4 months fro a movie to come out on DVD.

New DVD%26#039;s right after they come out range anywhere from 20-25 dollars.

Hope this helps...