Friday, November 18, 2011

Does anyone have karate and kung fu reflexes?

I take karate and kung-fu and if someone sneaks up on me and scares me I tend to use the stuff I learned as a defense reflex. How do I get that to stop? Any ideas?|||That%26#039;s the ultimate goal of your training, to be able to recall your techniques and apply them instantly when confronted.

I would personally work more on control to identify real threats and stop a technique before harming someone who isn%26#039;t a threat at all.

Instictive reaction=good, limited to no threat level judgement=bad.|||Actually you don%26#039;t want that to stop. That is called %26#039;muscle memory%26#039; and is what you train for years to achieve.

Your karate and kung fu relexes should be second nature.

But what you seem to need to work is your %26#039;control%26#039;. Karate used to teach %26#039;focus%26#039; and control. Now is the time for %26#039;dynamic meditation%26#039; through much kata practice. This should help keep your muscle memory under control.|||ha, i remember when i used to do karate this happened too.

If somebody jumped out to scare me i went straight into stance and generally clicked when my fist was a few inches from hitting them. people learned quick not to try and scare me.

Although it did happen once again several years after stopping karate, a girl i know went to hit me, and i mean really hit me, i probably deserved it though. Anyway by the time i realised what i was doing I%26#039;d caught her wrist as she%26#039;d gone to punch twisted her arm round and pushed her away from me, she ended up bent over on the bed in front of me and even more pissed then before.

I was still confused and then got hit without even realising what%26#039;d happened.


its a good thing to have those reactions from a martial arts point of view, as far as stopping it goes i can%26#039;t be of amazing help because i had the problem too, its generally a case of realisation, i still jump into stance, but i have a realisation that the moment somebody jumps out etc i get a strange sensation, before things happened to fast and i never noticed it, now i notice it a bit more as a change and use that to kind%26#039;ve snap myself out of it.

|||Warn people not to sneak up on you. Tell them you have a very volatile and unpredictable response to being startled.

It would be wise NOT to say its because your a martial artist; As this just seems to encourage people to test you (like its some sorta game).

Be clear about not wanting hurt people you care about, but remember to maintain humility on the subject.

|||Just warn whoever it is to not sneak up on you like that, and tell them you can%26#039;t be responsible if your fist hits before your brain kicks into gear.

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