Friday, November 18, 2011

Question: What style of Kung fu did they teach and practice?

in the movie: KUNG FU PANDA?|||I%26#039;m not exactly sure since i haven%26#039;t seen the movie, but from what i saw from the trailers they practically say they do five animals style.|||Wait, they didn%26#039;t make a mockery of it in %26quot;Shaolin Soccer%26quot; and %26quot;Kung Fu Hustle%26quot;? And you should see some of the Hong Kong action TV they import here in S.Korea; its all wire-work and special effects. How can anybody take that seriously?

Christianity survived %26quot;Monty Python%26#039;s Life of Brian%26quot;, The art of Kung Fu will survive a kid%26#039;s movie. Stop whinging.|||Kung Fu Panda mocks the tradition of gung fu.

but they derived the xaolin five animal system, and turned it into a cartoon.

So stupid|||It%26#039;s actually a mixture......

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