Friday, November 18, 2011

Can someone help me pick a kung fu style?

I am currently 18 and i am really interested in learning a kung fu style however i dont know the aspects of many of the styles can someone help me out here?|||For self defence I%26#039;d suggest wing chun :)***|||Good Northern Systems include Hsing I and Bagua Zhang as well as Tai Chi if its taught correctly. Shaolin is also a good northern system.

Southern systems like Choi Gar, Hung Gar, Jook Lum, and wing Chun are also good systems.

The differences are in the way that the regional systems gain power.

Northern systems depend on strong rooting and foot work.

Southern systems rely on a more of a wiping/ snapping power.

Both are good

Good Luck|||If you like to jump and do more flying kicks and such, try Northern Shaolin styles. If you want to focus more on strength and balance, do Southern Shaolin. I%26#039;ve studied various styles of Kung Fu for many years, but primarily Southern Shaolin.|||Northern- Shaolin and Tai Chi. Shaolin is usually high acrobatic kicks. Tae Kwan Do originated from this. Shaolin Uses a lot of Animal forms.

Southern- Wing Chun, Praying Mantis, etc. Usually uses hands and is more realistic and more based on fighting aspects.|||kung fu is a specific style mang.

if kung fu is what your looking for you can also look into ninjitsu.

google martial art styles and find one accordingly|||Not exactly what you are asking but this may help martial arts directory by location.

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