Friday, November 18, 2011

Any one know where I can find old Kung fu movies?

I was watching old Kung fu movies on you tube and I want to buy some DVDs, Anyone know where I can find them?|||,,|||Check %26quot;taiseng%26quot; and %26quot;hkflix%26quot; websites. I have bought many from both firms. I own nearly 100 Chinese movies made 1973 until recently. Borders Books can get some of them. If you get any Region 3 (Hong Kong) or Region 6 (Red China)movies, you need an all-region DVD player. The %26quot;hkflix%26quot; website sells some. I have one by JVC that will play any DVD in all 9 regions and NTSC or PAL.|||If you live in the UK then visit your local poundland shop they have plenty of 70%26#039;s kung fu movies,obviously for a 拢1 other than that try...

Best wishes :)***||| is a good chioce if you know CHINESE

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