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Is Kung Fu really effective in a sticky situation?

Many teenagers (boys) enjoy to fight and %26#039;murk%26#039; other boys, these are normally chosen randomly, I live in a rough area and go to a rough school, I am not very strong either compared to these tough guys whom hate me for no reason, if I learned Kung-Fu, possibly a specific type, could I overcome them in a fight?

Daniel.|||Kung fu is a wonderful art. To tell you what style, it depends on what you are more comfortable with. Southern kung fu requires low stances and focuses on punching while northern kung fu focuses on kicking although it has many punching techniques. I study northern shaolin kung fu and i would recommend it. Also, see if it includes chin-na (joint locking) as this can be very useful. An example of this is if someone grabs your wrist, use your free hand to hold his hand on your wrist and move your hand inward and push on the top of the other persons wrist to put pressure on it (hopefully this makes sense).

Kung fu also strenghens your mind and will teach you to try to not fight and to use your energy wisely.

Hope this helps .|||I would suggest Kung Fu San Soo.

Kung Fu San Soo is a traditional and practical combat art.

According to %26quot;Inside Kung Fu Magazine%26quot;:

This is not a spectator sport. San Soo is a savagely effective fighting style that trains the warrior to instantly adapt to any combat situation. First, you have the brutally effective fighting style of kung-fu san soo, founded by grandmaster Jimmy H. Woo, a style that is popularly associated with the phrase, %26quot;Tread lightly, and carry a big stick.%26quot; This is not a sport or a game, but a warrior discipline. While some martial arts styles focus on a specific technique - as with judo for throws and karate for kicks and punches - san soo teaches the full family of techniques, which allows the fighter to adjust their style according to the situation they are in. The punches and kicks, the leverages, the nerve attacks, the takedowns - all directed to vital parts of the body - are executed in a perfect rhythm that can make the flow of movement compelling, even beautiful, to witness. But at its very core is also a raw brutality that emphasizes the san soo focus on self-defense.

%26quot;San soo is to the point,%26quot; describes Frater. %26quot;You go for the most critical, vulnerable points of the body. You eye gouge, you bite, you try to kick the joints out; you do things as brutally as you possibly can to get to the end of the fight as quickly as possible. Maximum results with minimal effort.%26quot;|||My opinion is: dont be let down just because you dont know kung fu.

If you dont think you can overcome them if you didnt learn it then learn it because then your mind thinks you can overcome them which means you%26#039;ll have more encouragement :D

But dont think just because you know kung fu you can just take down anybody (if you didnt already) because you have to train up your body to meet the requirements e.g. no point in learning how to fight if you didnt have the stamina to last a minute.

So i would advise you to train your body as well:D

Also, you should only attempt to fight these boys when they attack you first if you just go up to them and start attacking them they might get more people to get you the next day or something.

But on the otherhand maybe you dont need to take down these boys just because they hassle you. Have you tried talking to them? ( I know youll probably hear this from most people you tlak to but maybe it will work) or tried avoiding them until they dont hassle you anymore.

P.S i think you should learn kung fu even if your not going to use it in a fight because its good for the body and who knows when you going to need it?|||Kung Fu is a very effective martial art and would most likely significantly improve your chances of success if you got in a fight with these kids. Not only that, but just about any martial art increases your confidence and improves your self-esteem. I was bullied a lot in school (including high school) until I took martial arts and the bullying died quickly because I learned how to act confident and calm. Kung fu will hopefully not only teach you to fight physically but also explain how body language and psychological factors play into situation of violence and bullying.

Be sure to find a studio that teaches what you are looking for and is practical.

Best of luck.|||No, you wouldn%26#039;t, Kung Fu gives you skill but not confidence, you are relying too heavily on the art and not enough on yourself, to truly overcome them, you must believe that you can defeat them. if you must, a good martial art for many enemies at once would be Elephant, but seeing as my Sifu is the only man within a 2000 mile radius that teaches it, I%26#039;d go with Taekwondo for multiple enemies, not Gongfu.|||Learning kung-fu will definitely make you faster and stronger. Anyone with experience in combat will have an advantage over them. It can definitely help you get out of a tough situation. However, it is not good to engage in a street fight.

Best solution for a street fight: Block and back up and retreat|||yeah i think you should learn some kung fu. it will help you a bit if you get into a fight but you best defence would be to not be there at all. cant get beaten up if you are not there... so try avoid them. and dont fight unless there is no way for you to escape.|||I learned kickboxing and Karate and boxing. And when it came down to fighting in the street, it was more wrestling than anything else. But i use my hands more than my legs so i think boxing is the better sport. Try to avoid those idiots

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