Friday, November 18, 2011

Are wrestling shoes sutible for martial arts such as tia chi and kung fu?

are wrestling shoes sutible for martial arts such as tia chi and kung fu?|||In general terms they should be just fine, but it will depend upon whether you will use them in a formal class or not.

In a formal class you will be obligated to meet the class requirements which will depend largely on the type of surface you train on. That will be up to your instructor to determine.

If you%26#039;re training on your own, anything is fine to wear with the usual safety caveats depending on the discipline you practice. Shoes can sometimes promote traction at times when you don%26#039;t expect it, and that can cause some injuries.

All this said, you should most definately practice in your normal clothing and footwear often, and on different surfaces, to familiarize yourself with the adjustments that must be made to maintein effectiveness when you%26#039;re out of your typical martial arts uniform.

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Ken C

9th Dan HapMoosaKi-Do

8th Dan TaeKwon-Do

7th Dan YongChul-Do|||Wretling shoes are very popular in the Chinese martial art world, as are Fei Yue shoes (similar soles, but more like lightweight keds in appearance). Of course, ask your Sifu as he will best be able to direct you with consideration to his art and training environs.|||No usually when you do martial arts you are forced to do it barefoot.|||It depends on the surface you%26#039;re working on. Generally using rubber or leather soled shoes is frowned upon on martial arts mats (which are different from wrestling mats).

I%26#039;ve seen Tia Chi done on everything from mats to hardwood floors to asphalt tennis courts to grass in parks. In all of those except the hardwood floors shoes were worn and they would have been fine but conferred no advantage.

Kung Fu is generally (IIRC) done on mats, and as such they probably won%26#039;t let you wear wrestling shoes.|||I think they could be beneficial to some martial arts.

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