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Which do you tihnk is better, or tell me the difference between Kung Fu and Wushu?

I would like to know the answer to my question. I am thinking about starting but I don%26#039;t really know the difference besides the fact that Kung Fu is for fighting and Wushu is for performance reasons. Thanks for your time.|||Oh dear... Ok... Number 1. Kung Fu and Gung Fu are the same thing and mean the same thing (just different spelling or pronounciation).

%26amp; number 2. Most %26quot;kung fu%26quot; styles also train weapons. There are about 16 (at least most likely hundereds of different variations, essentially there are only really 3 different types of weapons) I think off the top of my head in Shaolin alone.

Now onto your question... The difference between Kung Fu and Wu Shu? Essentially nothing...

Kung Fu translates to %26quot;aquired skill%26quot; where as Wu Shu is the actual Chinese word for what we can Kung Fu.

In most cases these days Wu Shu is more sport foccussed, but they still come from traditional martial arts, Many %26quot;shaloin monks%26quot; are actually from the chinese institute of sports. A school teaching Wu Shu will likely teach you many different styles/forms of kung fu and also some fancy gymnastic type stuff to, whereas most things that call them selves something specific for example Wing Chun Kung Fu, will just teach you one style.

Just have a look around and figure out what is best for you. I learn Wing Chun myself as it focusses more on realism and for fun I just do gymnatics as that%26#039;s pretty much what they add to Wu Shu for show, though they do also do traditional styles and sparring. If you want something cool to show your friends go Wu Shu, but chicks aren%26#039;t really impressed by it sorry to say lol.|||all i know is that kung uses only arms and legs while wu shu uses weapons such as swords etc.|||Kung Fu is Bruce Lee%26#039;s Martial Arts that is not a discipline in Olympics but wushu is an Olympic Discipline|||they are both arts.

kung fu - literally translated is %26quot;skill%26quot;

wushu - literally translated is %26quot;dance%26quot;

both are beautiful, disciplined, and strong.

good luck with either one!|||%26quot;Wushu%26quot; is coined by mainland China to encompass all martial arts and Chinese Wushu can be mainly divided into two subsets. Subset %26quot;Chuantong Wushu%26quot; or %26quot;Traditional Wushu%26quot; ideally refers to the classical martial arts styles that haven%26#039;t been tainted with competition requirements but are taught for effectiveness. %26quot;Xiandai Wushu%26quot; or %26quot;Modern Wushu%26quot; is essentially flashy performance and competition sets with no applicability at one extreme and kickboxing-like Sanda in the other extreme with no moderation in between as most Modern Wushu practitioners train in either one or the other but not both. (The western world generally use %26quot;Wushu%26quot; in references to Modern Wushu performance routines, %26quot;Sanda%26quot; to mean the Modern Wushu contact sports, and %26quot;KungFu/GungFu/GongFu%26quot; to mean Traditional Wushu.)|||Ok, for one, Bruce lee started out in Gung Fu, not Kung Fu. Yes he did know Kung Fu, but he knew Gung Fu well before he did Kung Fu. I dont consider either better than the other. Kung Fu uses the opponents energy against themselves. And it is a very powerful art. As for Wushu, people make the misconception that is it only a performance art. Look at Jet Li, he is a master of Wushu. I have been in the MA%26#039;s for many years, and I am smart enough to know that he would probably, with not too much problem, beat me. Both would be excellent to learn. Both have much knowledge and power. Both would be excellent for Self defense.|||Wushu is a type of Kung Fu. When communist China banned all religious schools from accepting new students the effectively killed Kung Fu within their borders. Realizing this they changed their policy in regards to the Shaolin temple. They also formed a new martial art based on traditional Kung Fu styles that they blended together to form Wushu.

Wushu is very fluid and pretty but not as practical a fighting style as real Kung Fu. Sanshou, the sparring counterpart to Wushu is now considered a separate art and is more realistic.|||kung fu incompass all chinese martial arts, wu shu is kung fu, wu shu is the national art of china


11 degree chain belt|||same thing

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