Friday, November 18, 2011

How to become a kung-fu fighter?

I only stands flat 5, just a short girl. But I do dream to learn a kung-fu and how to learn to use a sword. How do I learn of it when nobody can help me here? Nobody know%26#039;s kung-fu here in my town too. But I%26#039;m eager to learn. How do I do it? Pls help me . . .|||Rent a bunch of the old Kung fu movies and mimik all the moves. Then grove to the song... Everybody was kung fu fighting. Get your kicks fast as lightning and you will be a true kung fu master!!!|||are you sure nobody in your town at all?

well you could go out and get all of Jackie Chan%26#039;s videos and learn from those.|||Try this web site!

( plz put me on ur best answer!)|||just go to Kung Fu school, you can do it!! go girl!!!|||First, check into what form you want to learn. %26quot;Kung-Fu%26quot; is very broad. There%26#039;s jujutsu, judo, taijutsu, karate, etc. (Using a sword is another form completely.) After that, look online and find an online video store, and find a educational video on the form you decide to follow.|||why be a fighter, why not be a student? Look up Kung Fu Karate, TKD, BJJ, Judo, Krav Maga, Hisardut, and or boxing gym in your area, or simpy go to the YWCA.|||Well you can at least start with some conditioning until you can find a Kung Fu school. Email me if you%26#039;d like some good kung fu conditioning exercises but I must warn you that Kung Fu conditioning is difficult and requires much willpower. You must be willing to give your all and more.|||Watch all the Cynthia Rothrock movies you can rent or purchase.|||First You Must Know The Song %26quot;Kung Fu Fighting%26quot; By Carl Douglas.|||You could start with another martial art which will help you to start training your mind and body. Then hope a kung fu class starts.|||go to kung fu class look on the net

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