Friday, November 18, 2011

How old should children be before starting Kung Fu?

My nephew has watched Kung Fu Panda and is now in love with Kung Fu....I%26#039;m sure there%26#039;s going to be a lot of kids like this :)|||As a Sensei myself i teach them as young as 5 yrs old|||It really depends on the club

some clubs are just kid based activities were there are 4- 5 year olds running about

obviously they get all there grades and stuff but they dont really learnt that much kung fu. i have watched the kids class before my own and its chaos at times.

if its an adult class that the kid goes to he will probably annoy people that are already there as the adult class may be more physical and demand a greater attention span than some kids can give

1 would say no younger than 10-11 before trying to learn a martial art that is physical (i mean an adult style physicality where you are doing things that can seriously hurt the other guy, not kids hitting each other) but saying that wushu would probable be fine as from what i have seen its not that physical.

I depends on the instructor, but the younger the better really as long as the kid has some attention and wants to do it then let them. i recon 4-5 would be a good age to start|||Children...well, I wish i%26#039;d have been younger when I started. I started just now, two months ago, and I%26#039;m thirteen years old. I REALLY wish I started earlier. I%26#039;m learning real kung fu, not karate, from a Wudang taoist priest. Children should be encouraged to start at 5 years old or in that range.

A priest I know has a 6 year old son who could probably kick my butt at kung fu who practices all the time. It%26#039;s never too late to begin, though.

My father, a taoist priest, encouraged me to learn all the time. I was way too lazy to take him up on it; if the kid is serious, let him learn. It%26#039;s not too early if he%26#039;s above 5 years old.|||I say at least eight, but fictional fighting an real fighting are two differnt things. You have to tell him that, aside from it taking years of training. He must understand this first, I seen these little kids pretending to be swords men an stuff like that an I think to my self that I have to do something, cause I find it offensive cause of my disiplines. But I have to remind myself I just cant go an break someone. If he understands this then do a google shearch for schools in the area.|||there are martial arts schools for young kids.. they are not like the ones for grown ups. they do kung fu by playing games and stuff. very young kids dont have the patience to stan still many minutes and stay in line.

I started martial arts when i turned 7. and i wish that my parents would have put me in a ma school earlier.. when i was 4 or 5|||Yea . A lot of people like that movie but it doesnt condone kids to learn it . Imagine they %26#039;do%26#039; their move to other kids.

If you still insist on teachin em then congratulation. You just made a gangster, vandal, bully and so on.

teach em when they reach certain age at maturity which at that time they%26#039;ll take it as stupid.|||what about this - it may help. I found my training improved whenever I added a few martial arts training. try the martialarm The martial arm is the only martial arts training dummy that offers you complete realism in all your martial arts training. The martial arm moves and twists up, down, left and right just like a real opponent would.|||to take up martial art, by 5 years old, should be ok. but sometimes it depends, as most kinds that age don%26#039;t have much discipline, but its ok to try. most of the time, they will learn discipline and obedience from the class.|||When they are old enough to have the attention span to cope with it and be able to stick at it.

I was 11 when i started and wish i started earlier.

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