Friday, November 18, 2011

What is the best way to talk to people into getting inratasted into joing a kung fu and tai Chi club?

-this club does not train anyone.

-this club is in high school grounds.

-the club will leacture the basics of the history and backround of Kung fu and Tai Chi.

-at the end of the club meeting i would demostrate both martial arts.

-no physical contact will ever be made.|||Often the first step is to educate potential participants.

They need to understand what Kung Fu is and what Tai chi is firstly and the differences between the arts. Initially Kung fu (supposing that the style of kung fu is an external art) will appeal to a different type of person than Tai Chi. Unerstand the group you are targeting for recruitment.

If they are young and energetic a external style of Kung Fu will appeal to them.

If they are older and more mature an internal style will appeal more to them.

Demonstrating both arts is a good point for attaining interest. demonstrating an energetic Kung fu hand form as well as a weapons form will gage lots of interest from spectators. Finishing of with a Tai Chi Short form will offer people a visual way of discerning the differences between the two styles.

Be prepared and do your research you may have a lot of questions asked of you About the differences between Kung Fu and other arts specifically Japanese and Korean arts.

Be prepared to answer questions about street effectiveness, grading, sparring and your school history.

Lastly with your Sifu%26#039;s permission of course, invite potential students to view a beginners class.|||does the sensai have good discipline

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