Friday, November 18, 2011

How long would it take to receive a black belt after beginning your first class in kung fu ?

what are the levels in kung fu and tai chi chuan ? are they the same in both martials styles ?|||Jumping the gun a little bit aren%26#039;t you. When training in any martila arts don%26#039;t look to the future. Train on what you are learning now andget down the basics. Take your time. I am 30 years old. I started Taekwondo when I was 12. At 19 I was a red belt black stripe and took Phase one black belt testing. Before I took the final phase a few months later I joined the Army and Started at a new taekwondo school but since I was new at the school I wanted to start as a White Belt. Attained red Belt there and then was Sent to Oklahoma and I started as Guess what?? White Belt again. Then Germany as a White Belt and now I am in Washington and Got out of the Army and when I started Taekwondo here guess what I started as? Yes White Belt.I am not in a rush to get a Black Belt the color really means nothing to me. Since I am going to be in Washington for a while I might as get Black belt while I am here and Also since I have been training for about 18 years. So in closing color of the belt means nothing to a True artist. If thats all you care about then you are taking Martial arts for the wrong reason.|||%26quot;kung fu%26quot; or chinese martial arts don%26#039;t use a %26quot;belt%26quot; system like korean and japanese ones typically do.

those that do go by the same system as those arts are likely bs.

So you will NEVER recieve a black belt from a chinese martial arts system. The standard that a school MIGHT use is a sash system.|||it differs because there%26#039;s a test after each belt. some pass an some don%26#039;t, so they must try the next time.|||If after one class, you%26#039;re looking already to have your black belt (or the highest grade possible), you might get bored in the middle. Martial arts are about personal challenges, personal development and being consistent.

I suggest you to just enjoy your martial art and keep going. In no time you will become good at it and finally, get your highest grade.|||Well, I don%26#039;t know anything about KungFu. But, I think it would at least take five years. You also have to pass your tests.|||I would be extremely suspicous if kung fu people wear a gi and offer black belt.

That would be like as a poser wearing baseball shoes and pants with football chest/shoulder pads and helmet and try to claim they%26#039;re baseball player.|||Rank is very relative to each individual style and school. Do not put emphasis on it, it is merely used as an internal organization system. After-all, when you set about your training is your goal to reach the top rank or simply to improve yourself?

Also, the %26quot;belts%26quot; system is used for Japanese based arts, it comes from Judo. In Kung fu they use %26quot;sashes%26quot;.|||In the martial arts, your advancement is up to you and your teacher, some people advance more quickly than others. Until you reach your black belt in karate, then you must study so many years between advancements. Remember that a black belt signifies that you have only mastered the basics. From there you truly begin to learn. Kung Fu, and Tai Chi Chuan each have many different disciplines invented by different clans, in different provinces or territories. Some of the groups even begin with a black belt which to them signifies darkness or not enlightened, progress to lighter colors until they attain a white belt or enlightenment. By the way, Kung Fu, and Tai Chi Chuan practitioners often wear sashes to signify rank.

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