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Is Kung Fu a good supplement for Karate?

Have been doing karate for almost a year, and thinking of taking up kung fu (nam pai chuan shaolin) as well.|||Yes and No. first its not a supplement, its the roots for karate from Okinawa that came from mainland china.

so yes both arts work great together. You can have a better balance of yin and yang this way. You can learn both linear style and circular style which many cannot do both restricting them.

I am a Shotokan person mainly. I did kenpo and Hung Gar as well for Circular.

Good Luck.|||yes it will give teach you to choose non violence instead|||Hi there

I would have to say yes and no. It will supplement your karate but not at the level you are at. Spend a good few years learning one art before moving onto another. You will gain more respect that way and have a good foundation on which to make a comparison and learn from. I know that MMA is all the range but most of the best fighters who compete have good foundations in one art and knowledge of another.

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idai|||I would say so, they are likely to compliment one another.

All Martial Arts have their advantages and disadvantages. By practising two very different ones you should be able to improve your understanding of both, and see where they are helping and complimenting each other.

As you grow more experienced in Martial Arts you will tend to see the similarities in all the arts rather than differences. I find it amazing that arts that have developed in many countries all over the world, and appear at first glance to be so different, are actually so alike in their principles if not in the way they are practised.|||Try it.|||American Karate comes from Chinese Kung Fu. So if that tells you anything.|||It will add grasping and grabbing techs leading up to take downs other than your currentlty doing. Karate focusing more on the strikes, where as Chin Na and such will add Grasping and Joint Manipulation as well. Alot of the focus of Karate is Linear, Kung Fu circular.|||It depends on the style from the fact it has shoalin in the name i would presume it would help you alot with your felexabilty and forms/kata there is a guy that does kung fu in my karate school/dojo and he is really good with kata and it helped him alot

PERSONALLY i cross train in boxing because i have always found karate to have poor fitness training (compared to boxing) also karate sparring is just lame to me if you dont actually hit someone then you arent even sparring your shadow boxing but hey thats my personal opinion i also cross train in freestyle karate to mix it up a little do different things fight different people from different styles etc|||All martial arts are great, but it may be just your body and mind are more suited to karate. Kung fu is excellent though, and well worth practising. Take the time to find a good club with a good instructor, and you%26#039;re away! Good luck.|||after a year of karate you need to look at something that teaches you more than just fighting, try wu shu kwan its a form of kick boxing, but also teaches you disipline, and how to control your body so you can control your movements with the flow of your body, i did it for years, it teaches you how to really do some serious damage but also how to respect.|||Sorry to go against the flow but I would say no, to will it supplement your karate. Learn your karate first before looking for other martial arts. IAfter a year at karate you are still essentially a beginner. If you don%26#039;t accept that then perhaps karate isn%26#039;t right for you|||As a Karateka you will know by now that your style focuses primarily on straight-line (linear) attacks. Short, simple, and to the point.

Shaolin, however, is very circular and, I believe, much more fluid than Karate (regardless of a specific style). This is true for many of the Chinese systems, particularly from the northern provinces.

I think any Chinese system would be an excellent supplement for your Karate training because it will make you a more rounded practitioner. x|||Yeah. Kung Fu will expand your knowledge of Chin Na.|||I have learned both, and I%26#039;ve noticed that they do compliment each other well, especially in my fighting style. I think any pairing or combination of martial arts styles will work well together, because you will naturally adapt, and adopt all the qualities of each that work best for you.|||I thought Kung Fu was a type of noodle meal at the local chinese! lol

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